Eddie Redmayne Has A Pitch Perfect Idea For Which DC Villain He'd Like To Play

The Riddler in DC comics

At this point it seems like pretty much all of Hollywood has been cast to play either a hero or a villain in a comic book superhero movie. There have been so many films in the last decade or so that it feels like every corner has already been tapped. However, the truth is that there will always be a need for new actors to play Marvel and DC and other superheroes and there will always be actors available to play them. Eddie Redmayne is apparently waiting for the call, because he wants to play the Riddler.

The admission came via an interview with IMDb in which several different actors attending the Toronto International Film Festival were asked what supervillain they would like to play. While not everybody limited their choices to the comic book world, Eddie Redmayne made it clear that there is one classic Batman villain that he wants in on.

I’d love to play the Riddler. Just putting that out there.

It's short, sweet, and to the point, and the way that Eddie Redmayne delivers the statement, it's clear that he's being quite serious, it really looks like this is a role that he'd love to have if the opportunity were there.

It has to be said, Eddie Redmayne wouldn't be a terrible choice to play Edward Nygma. He'd look the part pretty perfectly, if you covered him in question marks. If he can pull off a voice that made him sound significantly out of his mind, then he's basically there.

And, of course, the possibility that we'll need somebody to play the Riddler in the short term is certainly there. There's a new Batman movie set to come out in a couple years that will star Robert Pattinson as The Batman. At this point we have no idea what villain or villains could appear in the film, but Riddler is one of several who has been rumored to potentially appear.

Of course, if the Riddler is going to appear in the new Batman movie and Eddie Redmayne wants the role, he may need to fight for it. Sabastian Stan has also expressed an interest in playing the part, and James McAvoy has also mentioned that he might be up for playing the part as well.

Sebastian Stan would likely be something of a departure from the version of Riddler we tend to see, though that isn't inherently a bad thing. Eddie Redmayne has a bit of a more traditional look for the character, he looks like a nerd is what I'm saying, and would probably be perfect if a classic Riddler was where the movie wanted to go.

Check out Eddie Redmayne's comments in the video below.

Even if we don't get Riddler in Matt Reeves upcoming Batman movie, it seems likely that sequels to the new film are are in the cards, and so the Riddler will probably be back on the big screen sooner rather than later and Eddie Redmayne might very well have his chance.

Dirk Libbey
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