Shuri Might Have Helped Avengers: Endgame’s Final Battle More Than We Thought

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Months after Marvel fans gasped, cheered and cried all at once during Avengers: Endgame’s already-legendary final battle sequence, we’re still unpacking all the moving and flying parts that compose the “Avengers Assemble” moment. There were a lot of MVPs during the last battle with Thanos, namely with Iron Man’s sacrifice or Captain America’s badass switches between his famed shield and Mjölnir. One fan has now spotted a small but important detail regarding the battle.

Apparently Shuri’s tech played a massive role in reuniting the Avengers together. If you ever wondered just how Sam Wilson was able to get in contact with Cap to say the clever “On your left” line before entering into the battle with the rest of the un-snapped team, you can thank Black Panther’s genius sister. Check out the find from Reddit:

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The picture shows the communication device in Black Panther when Shuri is briefing her superhero brother on the cool gadgets she has created for his trip to Korea toward the beginning of the film. She tells him it has “unlimited range”. Hence how Falcon was able to get in contact with Cap’s comms in his helmet from so far away before jumping through a mystic portal.

It makes sense Shuri would be the one involved for this. Iron Man had other issues at hand during the last two Avengers films and didn’t have time to cook up tech in his lab. However, Shuri was with the team on Wakanda at the end of Infinity War, attempting to save Vision. While, a sequence may never have been shown with Shuri handing out gadgets to the Avengers, it goes along with the timeline of the films. Plot hole debunked!

Of course, fans learned ahead of Endgame Shuri had been one of the snapped. This put the Avengers at a disadvantage without her brains in the mix as the remaining survivors tried to devise a plan to undo the events in Infinity War. Thankfully, her communication tech came in handy in order for the rest of the Avengers to talk to each other and join one another in the massive battle that finally defeated the universe’s greatest threat.

The scene in Avengers: Endgame was indispuably the standout moment of film, as just about every character from the 23 film franchise came together in one incredible scene full of mind-blowing fight sequences and new character pairings. Endgame recently ended its domestic run after 20 weeks in theaters. The movie became the highest-grossing film of all time with $2.79 billion in earnings.

Shuri will likely return for Black Panther 2, once again written and directed by Ryan Coogler and hitting theaters on May 6, 2022.

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