Even More Proof That Frozen II Is Going To Be A Gargantuan Hit

Anna and Elsa in Frozen II

There's every indication that Frozen II is going to be a huge movie. The fact that it's the sequel to Disney's biggest animated box office hit should be enough all by itself, but the film's early tracking has indicated the film could set an opening weekend record for Disney animation. That projection is now being seemingly confirmed, as Frozen II has set a ticket pre-sale record for an animated movie.

According to Fandango, Frozen II is the fastest selling animated movie in the history of the online ticket seller. The previous leader for day one ticket sales was Toy Story 4, but Frozen II has now surpassed that. The three films that now sit below Frozen II in day one ticket sales (Toy Story 4, Incredibles 2, Finding Dory) went on to gross over $1 billion each at the worldwide box office, and considering that the first Frozen was able to do that without pre-sale records, the sequel is poised to be even bigger.

Usually Disney movies bow during the Thanksgiving weekend, and Frozen II was originally set to open on that Wednesday, before moving up to the weekend prior. The Thanksgiving weekend will likely still be a big money period for the film, but with the movie looking to make series bank during a standard weekend, Thanksgiving money might be just gravy, which is fitting now that I think about it.

Frozen II is tracking to have an opening weekend of $100 million or more domestically, and with these early pre-sale numbers it seems all the more likely that will happen. After all, it's not like Frozen Fever has actually died down all that much. Anna and Elsa still command massive crowds of people when the character are out for pictures at places like Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Kids may not be playing "Let it Go" on repeat anymore, but they probably still listen to it regularly enough to drive mom and dad crazy.

Frozen II promises to answer questions about the origin of Elsa's magic. It seems, based on the trailers, that Elsa's parents have a more mysterious past than we would have guessed, and this might be connected to why Elsa was born with magic.

In addition to bringing back all our favorite characters, the movie will also try to top the original when it comes to music. "Into the Unknown" appears to be the song looking to potentially be the new "Let it Go," if such a thing is possible. The new film will give everybody some room to sing. Jonathan Groff, the voice of Kristoff, will get a real song for the first time, and even Anna and Elsa's mother, voiced by Evan Rachel Wood will get in on the action.

Frozen II is set to debut November 22.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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