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Chris Evans inKnives Out

Rian Johnson has built a reputation for taking established movie genres and tropes, and finding new ways to execute them to make them fresh and exciting again. Whether it's time-travel stories or Star Wars movies, you never know quite what you're going to get from your film when Rian Johnson gets a hold on it.

With Knives Out, Rian Johnson has tackled the classic whodunit, and while we know he'll be back in the world of Star Wars before too long, we have no idea what sort of movie Johnson might gravitate toward next.

Christ Evans has an idea. He'd like to see Rian Johnson direct a musical. CinemaBlend's Jeff McComb had the opportunity to sit down with Knives Out stars Chris Evans and Ana de Armas and he asked them which genre Johnson should get involved with next.

Evans didn't hesitate to say "musical." Not only did Evans think Johnson should make a musical, both he and de Armas were more than willing to work with the director again if such a movie were to ever happen.

As a fan of musicals and Rian Johnson movies, I'm in. I can't imagine how a Rian Johnson-led musical would look or feel, but that's part of the fun of the entire idea. It would certainly still be a musical, but it wouldn't be the sort of thing we're used to seeing, which might give the well worn genre a fresh feeling for both fans and those that are tired of the traditional musical format.

The musical as a genre used to be one of the major ways that movies were designed during the golden age of Hollywood, but they've largely fallen out of favor since about the 1970s. They've never gone away entirely, we usually get one every year or so. Quite often they're designed as major event films simply because we see them so rarely these days.

In recent years we've seen movies like The Greatest Showman become major fan favorite films. Other productions, like Les Miserables, contend for awards.

This year we technically have a couple of end of the year musicals to consider. One is the recently released Frozen II, the Disney musical is almost a genre unto itself, and Cats, the film adaptation of the Broadway show, which has been getting a lot of attention on social media, though not necessarily for the quality of the music.

For what it's worth, while Ana de Armas and Chris Evans tell CinemaBlend that they're game to work with Rian Johnson again on this hypothetical film, de Armas admits she can't sing, though she apparently can dance. Chris Evans doesn't commit either way, though if Captain America can sing then he may truly be the hero we need.

Check out the complete comments from Chris Evans in the clip below.

Knives Out hits theaters Wednesday.