Will Black Adam Include Henry Cavill's Superman? Here's What The Producer Said

Superman and Shazam fighting Black Adam

It’s been over six years since we first found out that Dwayne Johnson would be playing Black Adam in the DCEU but with the film finally set to go before cameras next year for a 2021 release date, we can now begin speculating about Black Adam in earnest. On that front, while a clash with Zachary Levi’s Shazam, Black Adam’s comic book nemesis, seems inevitable, fans have also long anticipated seeing Black Adam facing off with the Son of Krypton himself, Superman, played in the DCEU (maybe?) by Henry Cavill.

So will Black Adam include Henry Cavill’s Superman? Here’s what Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia has to say on the topic:

I think the DC Universe is a wonderful universe and we're open to everything. We have big aspirations for it. We're friends with Henry. [Dwayne] and Henry are friends, it's a huge comic book brand as well. And I always just loved the idea. Who knows? But man, Black Adam for Superman is really cool. That'd be really powerful.

So you’re saying there’s a chance? The production president of The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions isn’t confirming anything with regards to Henry Cavill’s Superman being in Black Adam, nor is he teasing it. But he isn’t ruling it out either. As Hiram Garcia tells Comicbook.com, they are open to the possibilities of the DC Universe, including working with Superman actor Henry Cavill.

It sounds like they don’t know with total certainty what Black Adam will be yet and are still figuring that out. Otherwise, Hiram Garcia could have nipped any speculation in the bud and kicked that can down the road by saying that Henry Cavill’s Superman showing up would be something they could explore in Black Adam 2 or beyond. But for now it seems that they want to keep their options open for Black Adam and see what works best for the film.

Hiram Garcia also notes that they are friends with Henry Cavill and the Superman actor is also friends with Dwayne Johnson. In addition, Dwayne Johnson’s ex-wife and Seven Bucks co-founder Dany Garcia is Henry Cavill’s manager. So as far as existing friendships and professional relationships are concerned, it seems likely everyone would be comfortable working with one another for a Black Adam that includes Henry Cavill.

While it may or may not happen in Black Adam, like many comic book and comic book movie fans, Hiram Garcia definitely seems keen on the prospect of seeing these two ultra-powerful characters together in a film at some point. He believes that it’s a really powerful idea and that’s part of why the possibility has been so appealing for so long.

Dwayne Johnson has teased a showdown with Superman in the past and Henry Cavill has also speculated that that is the direction things are headed in. Of course, in the time since Dwayne Johnson was cast as Black Adam, a lot of things have happened to throw Henry Cavill’s future in the DCEU, and potential face-off with The Rock’s villain, in doubt.

Last year, news broke that Henry Cavill was out as Superman in the DC Universe of films. We haven’t seen the actor or the character in any movies since, nor has he been cast in any upcoming DC films. However, in the past week Henry Cavill has made it clear that he isn’t giving up the cape so easily, so perhaps we haven’t seen the last of Henry Cavill’s Superman and he and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam could yet trade blows.

Black Adam arrives in theaters on December 22, 2021. There are DC movies to look forward to next year as well though, check them and all the other big 2020 movies out in our 2020 Release Schedule.

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