Apparently The Next Power Rangers Movie Will Involve Time Travel

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1995 movie

Having been a mainstay on television for over 25 years, the Power Rangers returned to the big screen in 2017 for a new take on the original Mighty Morphin’ mythology. However, that movie underperformed critically and commercially, so plans for a direct sequel were scrapped and the Power Rangers will be rebooted for the big screen again. Now word’s come in that this new movie will see these morphenomenal heroes traveling through time.

Paramount Pictures is developing the next Power Rangers movie (which is unsurprising considering the studio’s relationship with Hasbro, which now owns the property), and Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway’s Patrick Burleigh is writing the script. His story reportedly involves the Rangers being sent back to the 1990s, and following in the footsteps of Back to the Future, they must find a way back to the present.

Putting this Power Rangers team in the 1990s definitely constitutes returning to the franchise’s roots, as Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers premiered in 1993 and spent most of the rest of that decade being a pop culture staple. It’s unclear if putting the heroes in the ‘90s is simply a way to honor the past or if there’s a deeper meaning to it.

It’ll also be interesting to see whether this new Power Rangers team is another rebooted version of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers or if we’re getting an original team not based off any of the TV incarnations. If it’s the latter, I can’t help wondering if these new Rangers could cross paths with versions of the original Mighty Morphin’ Rangers, thus providing a multi-generational crossover that could appeal to both longtime fans and newcomers.

The Hollywood Reporter also mentioned that The End of the F—king World showrunner Jonathan Entwistle is in negotiations to direct the Power Rangers movie. The outlet noted that while he’s an unconventional choice given how dark and mature the Netflix series is, Paramount believes Entwistle has shown he “has a grasp on the voice of the younger generation,” which will hopefully translate into “something unique and appealing” for the Power Rangers movie.

While there was a brief period in 2018 when it looked like a sequel to 2017’s Power Rangers could see the light of day, Dacre Montgomery, who played Jason the Red Ranger, revealed back in July that he was informed a new movie was in development, but it wouldn’t involve him and his cast-mates. While I’d hoped that this next movie would at least be set in the same continuity as the 2017 movie, it’s hard to tell if that will be the case or if this is a full reset.

Let’s also keep in mind that the plot for this new Power Rangers movie could change down the line. It’s still early into the creative process, and since Paramount hasn’t set a release date yet, there’s plenty of time for Patrick Burleigh to change the narrative or Jonathan Entwistle to add his own tweaks. Still, with time travel having been a well that the Power Rangers have utilized numerous times, this would be a unique way for this next movie to stand out from its predecessor.

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