Could Power Rangers Get A Sequel After All?

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Given how successful the trend of nostalgia has been in TV and film, just about ever property is being rebooted. In 2017, this included the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which was given a modern twist in the form of a new blockbuster. Power Rangers had a lot of positive buzz due to its iconography and inclusive cast, but failed to perform at the box office. While it appeared Power Rangers had a series of films planned, radio silence from the studio made it seem like a sequel wasn't going to happen. But that might have changed, as a new report hints that Power Rangers 2 might still be on its way.

This news comes to us from Licensing.Org, which monitors the branding and licensing news in the entertainment world and beyond. The latest update is all about Haim Saban's Power Rangers, a brand that is constantly growing, producing new seasons and merchandise in the process. Along with the standard plans for Power Rangers on TV, the report indicates that Haim Saban is planning on working with a studio, and bringing a Power Rangers sequel to theaters.

Power Rangers' potential sequel will no doubt be exciting for the OG fans of the franchise, who grew up watching Jason, Kimberly and all the rest in Angel Grove. Part of the fun of the 2017 movie is that the original Rangers were crafted into entirely new characters. A sequel would no doubt help flesh out the young heroes, once again allowing the inclusive cast to defend their home, and inspire a new generation of kids in the process.

Narratively, there were quite a few strands to pull from after the events of Power Rangers. Perhaps the most obvious came from the film's mid-credits scene, which reveal that Tommy Oliver was in Angel Grove-- teasing the Green Ranger's inclusion in a sequel. Additionally, Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa is still alive and well, promising that more foes would be coming to the town to get the Rangers' crystals. It would be great to see her team up with her TV hubbie Lord Zed, giving the teenagers with attitude an even bigger foe to battle. And with the Power Rangers saving the day so publicly in the first film, how are the kids dealing with this responsibility and notoriety?

Ultimately there is no official word about a Power Rangers sequel, as its likely in its earliest stage of development. It may be difficult to get a studio onboard after the less than stellar run of the first film. But if Haim Saban can get some more cameos and serious talent to play Tommy Oliver, there might be a chance at Power Rangers 2 after all.

Power Rangers is available for home release, and the show's various seasons are available on Netflix. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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