First A Quiet Place Part II Footage Puts Emily Blunt Back Into The Apocalypse

Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place was one of those movies that you look forward to as a movie fan. It was an original concept that was somewhat unexpected. It wasn't a movie on the radar of a lot of people, but it had a unique idea that was executed to near perfection, and the surprisingly good movie found an audience, making it both a box office hit and a critically praised movie.

Of course, while the first movie might have been unique and original, with success like what A Quiet Place saw, you can be sure that franchise potential is on the horizon. A Quiet Place Part II, is on the way and this morning we got our first look. Check it out.

The title is quite fitting, because, based on what we see here, A Quiet Place Part II will be picking up immediately after the events of the last film. We see that Emily Blunt's foot is wrapped, following the injury the character sustained in the first film, and everybody looks exactly as they did in the previous movie. We see Blunt's character and her surviving family come to the end of a path that allows them to move silently, and about to take a first step that will make noise.

And this is only a tease of what is to come. The release of this clip reveals that a trailer for A Quiet Place Part II is set to arrive on New Year's Day.

This could, in fact, be the opening scene of the new movie, exactly where things pick up. We see that the family is off to somewhere, the daughter has a map, and thus, they must be going someplace important. Of course, where they've decided to go is anybody's guess. While they have discovered a way of fighting these creatures, by leaving home they're moving further away from their weapon. There must be someplace worth going if they're taking the risk.

A Quiet Place was, without question, one of the best, or possibly worst, theatrical experiences of the last few years. The movie required the audience to be absolutely quiet, and that complete silence only added to the tension. For those of us lucky enough to be seated with an audience that wanted to enhance this experience in every way, it was great. For those unfortunate people who had to deal with the inconsiderate, the movie itself might have been ruined.

In addition to this brief clip, we also got a rand new poster for A Quiet Place Part II. Check it out below.

A Quiet Place Part II Poster

Based on the poster, we will in fact be taking the story out beyond the farmhouse, which we only saw briefly in the first movie. We know there are other people out there, but how many are left, and what state they are in, we have no clue. We do know the new movie will include new characters, so an expansion of this universe and learning more about what is happening, and maybe how it all started, is certainly in the cards.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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