First Brahms: The Boy II Trailer Puts Katie Holmes Against A Terrifying Doll

Katie Holmes staring down a doll in Brahms: The Boy 2

The new year has just begun and while audiences will have to wait a bit before we get to all the big blockbusters, the beginning of the year is home to plenty of new movies for fans of the horror genre. Among them is Brahms: The Boy II, the sequel the 2016 horror film The Boy from director William Brent Bell. We now have our first look at the film as the official Brahms: The Boy II trailer puts actress Katie Holmes up against a terrifying doll. Take a look:

If horror movies have taught us anything, it’s that if your kid wants to have a creepy old doll they found, you tell them no. I don’t care if you want to be the nice parent, no good can come of such things. You don’t let your kid have a loaded gun do you? Creepy dolls are basically the same thing. It’s a lesson that Katie Holmes’ character Liza looks to find out the hard way in Brahms: The Boy II.

In Brahms: The Boy II, it seems that the family’s young son Jude is somewhat troubled, exhibiting disturbing behavior by violently ripping apart his stuffed animals. That’s never a good sign so Liza and her husband Sean take their little murderer-in-the-making to a secluded house in the woods to see if that doesn’t help him.

Well, unfortunately for them, it turns out that the house they go to for to improve things is right next to the Heelshire Mansion, which served as the setting of the horrors that took place in the first movie. There young Jude finds the doll Brahms who like a Mogwai, comes with a very specific set of rules for his care that must be followed to the letter.

Mother’s instinct kicks in for Katie Holmes’ Liza, but getting rid of Brahms proves to be a complicated and dangerous task. The trailer for Brahms: The Boy II is very creepy, with the Brahms doll being very much in the running as having the most disturbing face of any of the evil dolls that have inhabited horror films over the years. The scariness of the doll actually proved to be quite the challenge for Katie Holmes.

Based on the trailer, Brahms: The Boy II definitely seems to be leaning into the more supernatural aspects of this story with all of the bugs coming out of the doll. That’s interesting given the ending of the first film. Spoilers for The Boy ahead! In The Boy, Lauren Cohan’s character Greta is charged with babysitting the Brahms doll for the Heelshire’s during which time she notices the doll’s tendency to move on its own from room to room.

She learns that the Heelshire’s son died in a fire when he was eight and comes to believe that Brahms’ spirit lives in the doll. She later finds out that just prior to the fire, a young playmate of Brahms was found with her skull crushed in. Eventually, it is revealed that Brahms never died and has been living in the walls of the mansion and communicating through the doll

Now an adult man, Brahms attacks Greta but Greta eventually kills him, or so we think. Brahms survives and puts his doll back together. This initial trailer for Brahms: The Boy 2 doesn’t really give any of that away so it will be interesting to see if the adult Brahms plays a role again. Here it seems that the doll itself is actually evil and may have been what made Brahms insane in the first place and it is now positioned to do the same thing to Jude.

Brahms: The Boy II opens in theaters on February 21. Check out our 2020 Release Schedule to keep track of all the movies coming your way this year.

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