See The New Mutants Cast Assembled To Finally Watch The Movie Years Later

The New Mutants together

Nearly two years after The New Mutants was filmed, the teen horror movie starring X-men characters has finally been screened! The Fox-produced project has seen more than its share of delays and setbacks but it’s finally coming this spring and writer/director Josh Boone just watched it with his young cast. Check it out:

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Josh Boone took to Instagram to share a special private screening he and all the “New Mutants” enjoyed together. As you can see, from left to right Blu Hunt, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Anya Taylor-Joy, Alice Braga and Henry Zaga are all throwing up excited hands over their big Marvel movie coming this April.

The New Mutants has a nice mix of familiar bright stars and newcomers. Maisie Williams is practically an acting veteran, since she’s spent the last decade playing Arya Stark on Game of Thrones. Next, she’ll take on wolf-hybrid Scot as Wolfsbane in the movie. Charlie Heaton had just come off the pop culture phenomenon of the first season of Stranger Things when he signed on for The New Mutants. Now Jonathan Byers will be playing Cannonball.

Another well-known actress among the cast is Anya Taylor-Joy, who found her breakout role in Robert Eggers’ The Witch in 2015 before starring in M. Night Shyamalan’s Split and Glass. The 23-year-old actress will play Magik in The New Mutants. Henry Zaga will play Sunspot and Blu Hunt is Danielle Moonstar – a mutant with the power to show people their greatest fears and wishes.

The New Mutants will center on Moonstar’s powers affecting each of the teens trapped in a secret facility as they are kept there by Alice Braga’s Dr. Cecilia Reyes for psychiatric monitoring. The movie was originally set to be released back in August 2018, but it has since been moved to February and then August 2019, before finally settling on an April 2020 date.

The movie was made in a completely different time for Fox, when they still had their own separate franchise going and had not yet been acquired by Disney. Now, Disney has all the rights to X-Men characters with the intention to reboot mutants into their MCU. So, The New Mutants is a bit of a random outlier to the rest of Marvel’s offerings. Especially since it looks like an origin story to introduce a larger franchise.

At one point, it was rumored Disney was “unimpressed” with The New Mutants when they acquired the studio. There were discussions about the film being thrown into a streaming service and just skipping out on a theatrical release.

The PG-13 movie has a teen horror feel to it that audiences haven’t yet seen from a movie about mutants before. A trailer for The New Mutants was recently finally revealed earlier this month with six million views in two weeks. Check it the movie in theaters on April 3, 2020!

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