Billie Eilish Reveals It Was Hard Rehearsing Oscars In Memoriam When Kobe Bryant Came Up

Kobe Bryant Oscars Tribute

The death of Kobe Bryant is still a bit hard for many people to comprehend. One of the most popular sports stars of all-time was here one minute, and then he wasn't, and so many people were fans that they're still dealing with the loss. One of those people who found herself having trouble with the whole idea of Kobe Bryant being gone was Billie Eilish, who performed for the In Memoriam segment of last night's Oscar telecast.

Kobe Bryant co-produced the Oscar winning animated short Dear Basketball in 2018, and so, was part of the Academy as much as any of the other names, big and small, that were celebrated last night. His was the first name we saw during the tribute, and Billie Elish told ET that every time she saw him while rehearsing her song, a cover of the Beatles tune "Yesterday," she was shocked by his passing all over again. According to Eilish...

It's just sad. It's like, I don't know what else to say. Every time, when we were in rehearsal and they run kind of what's going to be playing, every time I see his face, I'm like what? It's so weird. It doesn't make sense to me. I just got shivers, it's horrifying.

Billie Eilish's comments are probably echoed by fans all over the world. It only been two weeks since Bryant, his daughter, and seven others died in the helicopter crash in Southern California. While that might be long enough for many to move on from a celebrity death, it does seem that Kobe Bryant's death feels different for a lot of people. Billie Elish had plenty of opportunity to come to terms with it, seeing his picture as part of rehearsing for the tribute, and yet, even with that it seems the whole thing was still shocking.

Of course, sometimes it doesn't matter how old you are, death is still shocking. While Kobe Bryant was the first name listed during the Oscars' In Memoriam tribute, the last name was Kirk Douglas who only passed away five days ago. He was 103, but when you get to be that age, I think we all just assume you're probably immortal.

You can check out the entire Oscar tribute to those that are no longer with us in the video below.

There are always far too many talents listed in this tribute every year. Many of them are names that the general public doesn't know, but they're no less important to the history of cinema, something that the Oscars are designed to celebrate. While this is a tribute that is sadly needed every year, it's always a welcome opportunity to give all those people who are now gone one final goodbye, as the industry is a darker place without them.

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