Watch Billie Eilish Forget The Words To Her Song Onstage At Coachella

Billie Eilish - "Ocean Eyes" Music Video

It's a musician's biggest fear. You're ready, making your way up onto the stage-- prepared to make some sweet music. The lights are blaring and you see a massive wave of people, staring directly at you. Everyone is waiting for you to perform. And yet, the words don't come. Your mind is blank; your brain feels emptied-out. It's as if you are naked in front of hundreds, thousands of people. It's a deeply embarrassing moment. And for Billie Eilish, it happened at a terrible time: while performing at Coachella, one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Therefore, the flub was not only in front of thousands of people, but it was recorded and posted online too. Now, you can watch Billie Eilish's slip-of-mind below, all thanks to social media.

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The concert mess-up, posted on Twitter, finds Billie Eilish exasperated as she's trying to perform "All the Good Girls Go To Hell" and forgetting the lyrics to her song. It's hard to know exactly why the words aren't coming to mind. Maybe Eilish is nervous? Maybe something's on her mind, preventing her from remembering the song? Maybe it's another factor altogether? It's hard to say for sure, but it resulted in a big-time flub for Eilish, and she appears to be mad at herself for the mistake.

While this flub would certainly leave a lot of people feeling distressed, Billie Eilish kept moving forward. She wasn't entirely fazed by this brain fart and she pressed forward, working hard to make sure she gave everyone a good show despite this hang-up. It sounds like the audience was hopefully supportive of the young performer. She is only 17, and she'll certainly have many more concerts in the future. Coachella is a big deal, and it can certainly be nerve-wracking. It's perfectly understandable that she would forget the lyrics; it just happened at a very unfortunate time.

Nevertheless, the show went on. And according to reports, the rest of the Coachella performance went off without a hitch. While it's hard to find yourself in an embarassing situation such as this one, Billie Eilish has been performing for most of her life — literally — and she knows how to keep moving forward, both with good humor and with grace. Therefore, she's already on the road to professionalism, especially when you consider how she handles pivotal moments such as this one of his magnitude.

Anyone can forget their lines. Even professionals slip up from time-to-time. It's how you handle yourself in that moment that counts. While Billie Eilish didn't make it a secret that she forgot her lyrics, the musician wanted to keep the show moving forward. And that's exactly what she did. She didn't do it subtlety, but she kept her sense of humor and that made her seem more relatable and honest to the thousands of people who were there to see the show. And despite this mistake, Billie Eilish still put on a good show. At least, according to the reports from people who were at Coachella this year.

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