James Gunn Reveals When The Suicide Squad Is Expected To Wrap Filming

Suicide Squad the original lineup in the rain

As Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey has been serving the world another round of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in all her madness, there’s plenty more where that came from on the horizon. In addition to the potential Gotham City Sirens movie, there’s the much more concrete return of Dr. Quinzel in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. And judging by one of Gunn’s latest tweets, the movie is about to wrap production within the next month.

Strangely enough, this piece of information came from a fan inquiry of a different color, as you’ll see in James Gunn’s response below:

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So the bad news is, there’s a pretty big chance that Joe Manganiello’s memorable portrayal of Deathstroke will not appear in The Suicide Squad; unless James Gunn or someone else in the DC Comics camp is planning to film a last minute post-credit stinger. But the good news is that Gunn has clocked the production on this sequel to David Ayer’s first entry in the Suicide Squad series as concluding in a month.

It has to be bitter sweet for the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise director to see the end of his latest movie’s film schedule coming to a close; especially when James Gunn has gone on record as saying that The Suicide Squad is the most fun movie he’s ever directed.

But what fun is making a movie if it’s never seen by the outside world? Which is probably a good reason for James Gunn to announce on Twitter that this first phase of the party is almost over. Put that together with director David Ayer’s praise for where Gunn is taking the series with The Suicide Squad, and it’s a fantastic cocktail of fan hype that’s waiting to be poured for all to enjoy.

With production spanning roughly six months, after the start of The Suicide Squad’s principal photography had occurred last September, this new DC Comics film will be headed into the post-production phases that will put the final polish on what we’re going to see next summer. So while the fun of filming may be over, the adventure of finding this film in the editing room is not too far from beginning. Hopefully, that means we’ll get to see our first footage from The Suicide Squad before the end of the year, as previous hopes were dashed as being too early.

The Suicide Squad takes the field again on August 6, 2021. You can also head to your local theater to see Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey tee up Harley's fantabulous future, as that film is in theaters now.

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