Justice League’s Snyder Cut Campaign Has Raised A Ton Of Money For Charity

Wonder Woman and Batman in Justice League

Almost since before Justice League was released in theaters there were fans disappointed that the final product would not be entirely the creation of director Zack Snyder. In the more than two years since the DC Universe film saw the light of day, the call from dedicated fans to see the "Snyder Cut" has, somehow, only seemed to have become stronger. Thus far there's been no visible movement on the part of Warner Bros. to make the Snyder Cut actually happen, but that doesn't mean the movement has been entirely in vain.

As part of the campaign's attempt to draw notice and support, those calling to "Release the Snyder Cut" have held a variety of fundraising events on behalf of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Yesterday on twitter, prominent Snyder Cut member @TPZMickD revealed that in total, since November of last year, the movement has raised an impressive $156, 613. Check out the complete breakdown below.

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Raising over $150K for such a worthy cause is no small feat, and even if we never see the movie that the Snyder Cut campaign is hoping for, there's still something positive that's been done in the world because of them. The breakdown shows 26 different fundraising opportunities, and while they haven't all been massive, together they add up. A couple of t-shirts alone have combined for over $100K of that total. I'm pretty sure our own Sean O'Connell owns at least one of them.

Zack Snyder's daughter committed suicide while the director was working on post-production of Justice League, forcing him to step back from the film, making it not just a worthy, but a fitting, cause for the Snyder Cut fans to get behind. There's no reason to believe they're anywhere close to done raising money either. Somehow, the Snyder Cut movement is at least as strong now as it was at the beginning, and it shows no sign of fading away. As long as there are people calling to "Release the Snyder Cut" they will likely continue the charity campaign as well, as a way of raising awareness of both the charity cause, and their own.

Unfortunately, while the charity work has been quite successful, the rest of the RTSC movement has not. While Zack Snyder himself has continued to drip feed images that he filmed which were cut from Justice League, certainly indicating his own interest in revisiting the film, Warner Bros. has made no public acknowledgement that something like that is even being considered. It would almost certainly requires millions in investment from the studio to finish digital effects at the very least.

Of course, that doesn't mean that it won't ever happen. Certainly, there are a lot of fans who want to see it, and if there are enough to make the investment worthwhile, perhaps we really could see the Snyder Cut one day. And if not, they'll hopefully continue to still do positive work in the world.

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