DC Dream Team? See Robert Pattinson's Batman And Joaquin Phoenix's Joker In Cool Fan Poster

Joaquin Phoenix smiles in clown makeup in Joker

Batman and the Joker have had some pretty iconic showdowns over the years -- both on the page and on our screens. But it’s been a while since we saw a live action Clown Prince of Crime and the Caped Crusader square off in a DC film. It seems like that will continue to be the case for the time being. That didn’t stop a fan from creating an amazing poster that brings Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Robert Pattinson’s Batman together.

After seeing recently released photos of Robert Pattinson all suited up on The Batman set, artist Alex Kovalenko’s imagination began to run wild. On Instagram, he shared a mockup of a movie poster that shows Robert Pattinson’s Batman standing behind recent Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker with a hand on his shoulder. In the caption that accompanies his artwork, he tagged DC Comics and asked them to “do it.” Take a look at the awesome poster below:

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Hey, he’s making a pretty compelling argument. Though it seems like Matt Reeves’ The Batman will have a different tone than Todd Phillips’ Joker, it’s hard to deny the two characters look like they belong in the same movie when you put them together. Unfortunately, the prospect of Robert Pattinson and Joaquin Phoenix appearing in a Batman film together is pretty slim.

The obvious hurdle to a potential Batman/Joker team-up is the fact that Matt Reeves’ project is already fully set in stone -- and it seems as though there’s nary a Joker to be found amongst his cast of characters. If The Batman is a hit, there’s obviously the potential for a sequel -- but even then, it’s hard to envision Todd Phillips (or Joaquin Phoenix, for that matter) so readily loaning their version of the Joker to someone else’s film. Though no official Joker sequel is in the works, Todd Phillips’ admitted he has entertained the idea of what Batman would look like if he appeared in his gritty version of Gotham City. But he seems far more interested in continuing to tell the Joker’s story than he is in exploring the wider Batman lore.

In other words: It’s a lot more likely that Robert Pattinson’s Batman would battle another Joker, if he were ever to face him at all. But that doesn’t mean The Batman will be a bust. We’ve already got confirmation that at least three iconic Batman villains will be causing trouble for Bruce Wayne in the upcoming film. And that will be more than enough to keep him busy for one film.

What do you think? Would Robert Pattinson’s Batman and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker work together in a movie? Or are they better off in their own versions of Gotham City?

Katherine Webb