See How Robert Pattinson's The Batman Suit Could Look In Full Color Versions

A close up view of Robert Pattinson wearing the cowl from the Batsuit

When Matt Reeves revealed a teaser of The Batman this week, fans were thrilled to get their first glimpse of Robert Pattinson in the batsuit. But it also offered an intriguing taste of one of the most important parts of any Batman film -- the iconic batsuit. Though Matt Reeves’ footage featured plenty of close-ups, it also left one crucial piece to fan artists’ -- what the suit will look like in full color.

The Batman’s director shared a video on Twitter on February 13. Just under a minute long, the clip - entitled “The Batman - Camera Test” offers a dramatic close-up look at Robert Pattinson in Bruce Wayne’s iconic batsuit (and a hint at Michael Giacchino’s powerful, foreboding score for the film!). But since the footage has a red tint to it, Matt Reeves strategically kept us in the dark where the overall coloring of the suit is concerned. But luckily, some talented fan artists were happy to let their imaginations run wild. Though none of the images they created are in any way official, they do offer up some idea of what we might expect.

On Twitter, artist BossLogic shared several renderings of what he imagined a full color view of what the new batsuit might look like. His first idea keeps the suit entirely in monochrome, which definitely seems feasible given the darker tone Matt Reeves struck with his first footage.

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Running with this idea, he also envisioned what the suit could look like with both a chin strap and a face mask.

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He also offered an alternate vision, giving Robert Pattinson’s suit a slightly more retro vibe. In that image, Batman’s cowl and cape are a velvety midnight blue. He also added a splash of yellow underneath the signature bat symbol on his chest.

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Another fan artist had a somewhat similar idea on the color front. Digital artist shared his own take on The Batman’s suit on Instagram, zooming in to focus on the details. In his image, the iconic bat symbol is trimmed with golden yellow.

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The varying takes on what the end state of the batsuit could be are definitely intriguing. Despite the limited footage, fans have already made some important observations about its connections to previous iterations of the suit, the presence of armor and the shape and style of the bat insignia on the suit. But for all we now know, there’s still a lot we don’t know. Most importantly -- Matt Reeves only shot Robert Pattinson from the waist up, and that alone is enough to keep fans speculating for the foreseeable future.

And it’s hard to guess how many more morsels The Batman crew will feed us as production goes on. Matt Reeves shared a photo from the first day of production -- but it was just a close-up of a leather chair. If that trend continues, we may not get a full color view of the suit until a trailer for the 2021 film drops.

Katherine Webb