Rian Johnson Celebrated Knives Out DVD Release With Awesome Set Photo

Chris Evans in Knives Out

Rian Johnson's Knives Out was a massive hit last year that has already spawned a confirmed sequel that will see Daniel Craig return as Benoit Blanc. If, however, you'd rather enjoy this twist on the classic whodunit mystery at home, you now have that ability as Knives Out is now available on DVD and all other formats.

Rian Johnson celebrated the film's physical release this week by showing us one of Knives Out's great cast on the set of the film. Christopher Plummer doesn't actually look all that excited here, as he's looking very dead, but Johnson insists he's actually quite happy. Check it out.

The black and white image shows Christopher Plummer with a gaping neck wound. Rather than looking shocked or terrified or simply dead, he just sort of looks angry. One wonders if shooting this scene was perhaps not that much fun, and this picture caught the actor in between takes, annoyed that he was covered in fake blood.

If you, somehow, haven't seen Knives Out yet, no worries, Christopher Plummer is the victim of the murder mystery, and so his death occurs early and isn't much of a surprise. He also still has a significant role in the film, much of the film takes place via flashback, as the various suspects recount the events that led to the death of the family patriarch.

The fact that Knives Out is now available on home media is actually somewhat surprising considering that, as the director points out, the movie isn't entirely out of theaters yet, there's more than a couple theaters still showing the movie in my neck of the woods as it turns out. Of course, if you wanted to see Knives Out and you had any particular passion for the theatrical experience, you probably saw the movie that way already. If you're interested in Knives Out but haven't seen it, you can now grab a digital rental for probably half or less of the cost of that theater ticket.

Rian Johnson, who loves to mess with classic tropes, has found a refreshing take on the classic murder mystery, without damaging those classic bits that fans of the genre enjoy. Knives Out is every bit the Agatha Christie style story with a cast of suspects and a detective trying to discover the truth. The biggest difference is that the audience knows more about the truth than they traditionally would, so the story becomes about wondering if, and how, Daniel Craig's character will discover what we already know.

And there are still some questions left open for the audience to try and figure out. And now, with the movie available basically everywhere, you have no excuse not to try.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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