Christopher Plummer Responds To Fans Wanting Him To Replace Roseanne

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Christopher Plummer has been a longtime staple in Hollywood, but becoming a 2018 internet meme has to be a new experience for the veteran actor. When news broke that Roseanne was cancelled in the aftermath of Roseanne Barr's controversial Twitter remarks, a few plucky fans on the internet jokingly suggested that Plummer step in to play Roseanne Conner in Season 2, in reference to him rapidly replacing the fired Kevin Spacey in Ridley Scott's All the Money in the World. Plummer is aware of the Roseanne jokes and others, and he responded to fans in a recent interview.

I have heard about these, I always chuckle. The latest one was Roseanne! Why not bring me in to play Roseanne for the next season, I couldn't believe this. I think it's hilarious!

After the controversy-lalden Kevin Spacey was dropped from the film All The Money In The World, _Christopher Plummer joined the film for reshoots just a month before its premiere, and he ended up getting Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for his performance. The actor seemed to thrive in a seemingly impossible situation, which makes the joke all the more humorous that he could do the same on _Roseanne on ABC. After all, we know he can learn the lines without a problem, and he's capable of emotionally weighty performances.

Of course, the people sharing Christopher Plummer's Roseanne memes are only joking (probably), although who wouldn't want to see Plummer sitting at the table with the Conner family and letting loose a hearty laugh just before each episode starts? Who wouldn't want to see a marriage argument turn into make-up snuggles between Plummer and John Goodman's Dan? And it's a no-brainer to want Laurie Metcalf and Plummer bouncing lines off of each other.

Even Christopher Plummer is baffled by how his performance of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty was received by critics. Plummer indicated he truly wondered if his performance in All The Money In The World was really worthy of such acclaim, or if Hollywood was more or less recognizing how impressive it was that he could successfully spin the role with the extreme time crunch of the film's reshoots. Here's what he told The Guardian about it.

At the time, I thought, 'What am I doing? Am I getting awards attention just for keeping my lines straight on short notice?' The first one, the Golden Globe nomination, I'm pretty sure that came out while we were still shooting! I'm exaggerating, but it was insane, everything happened over a course of weeks. It felt like doing theatre.

Unfortunately, ABC doesn't appear to be pursuing Christopher Plummer to play the Conner family matriarch in Roseanne Season 2, but is instead attempting to remove the character from the franchise completely with a new spinoff potentially centered on Sara Gilbert's Darlene. Barr is reportedly willing to remove herself from the franchise entirely, which is said to be the only way ABC would agree to the deal. For what it's worth, the network can at least take solace in knowing Plummer didn't explicitly say no when speaking about playing Roseanne. Just in case anyone out there wants to try to make that happen.

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