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I Guess Daniel Radcliffe Doesn't Have To Worry About Spending All His Harry Potter Money

Daniel Radcliffe Looking As Harry Potter In His Glasses

Daniel Radcliffe might be an internationally known mega-star thanks to his turn as Harry Potter in all 8 of the popular movies, but that doesn’t mean he actually behaves like a mega-star. The actor has mostly done a great job of staying out of the wrong sections of the newspaper, and he’s apparently doing a good job being reasonable with his money too.

The likeable celeb recently appeared on the Full Disclosure Podcast with James O’Brien, and during the chat, the star revealed he really hasn’t spent much of his money at all. Here’s a portion of his quote…

“"I don’t do a huge amount with my money. I’m not particularly extravagant. There are moments where I think, ‘Man, I’m really bad at being famous.'"

That’s the best thing about Daniel Radcliffe. No matter how famous he’s gotten, he always comes across as someone who never planned on being famous. He just has that look about him, and it has really come across in the incredibly strange roles he’s chosen since Harry Potter ended.

He currently stars opposite Steve Buscemi in the profoundly weird Miracle Workers, and before that, he did things like Swiss Army Man, which might be the one of the strangest concepts for a movie ever greenlit. I honestly have no idea where his career might take him in the future, but that’s the upshot of saving your money: you can choose roles based on interest rather than the size of the paycheck.

There are so many celebrities in Hollywood who have to end up taking a studio paycheck because they create elaborate lifestyles that are too expensive to maintain. Some high profile divorce proceedings have included paperwork showing celebrities spending insane amounts of money more a month. Not Daniel Radcliffe.

He did very well financially during his run as Harry Potter. The films combined to gross more than seven billion dollars at the worldwide box office, and while some of the math is always fuzzy between profit share and appearances and base salary, he was reportedly making nearly $20M by the end of the series’ run. Those movies, plus all his other endeavors, have ballooned his net worth to allegedly around $100M (opens in new tab).

It’s nice to think about him quietly living off that money without some huge entourage, without butlers and ten houses spread across the world. There’s a certain element of escapism when it comes to interest in Hollywood celebrities. We want to see how big their houses are and how explosive their divorces are, but at the same time, it’s also nice to find people you recognize from real life. I’ve always felt like I’ve recognized Daniel Radcliffe, and this makes that even more clear.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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