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Matt Damon, Kate Winslet And Cast Of Contagion Now Spreading Covid-19 Message

Matt Damon in Contagion

The 2011 movie Contagion wasn't exactly a huge box office hit. The film did decent business nearly a decade ago, though it was very well reviewed. However, in 2020, the movie has become, quite unfortunately, relevant once again. This relevancy has made the movie popular again, as people stuck at their home in quarantine are apparently viewing it in strong numbers. On the plus side, the cast of Contagion is taking full advantage of their second bout of popularity, by coming together, (but not like together) to spread the word about COVID-19 and the ways that we can all help make this painful period pass more quickly and with less disastrous results that the contagion of the movie.

Matt Damon, Kat Winslet, Laurance Fishburne and more are part of the new video. Check it out below.

The video comes together courtesy of the Colombia Public Health YouTube channel. If you're one of the people who decided to rent Contagion recently, and there were apparently many, then you'll recognize all the faces in the video. Though, those faces are all a bit older, and, probably like the rest of us, they're looking quite casual. They're all clearly exercising social distancing just like they recommend doing, which means all these clips are probably recorded by themselves, from their homes, where they're not bothering to look the way we would normally see them on the red carpet. It certainly adds a feeling of authenticity to the whole thing.

Matt Damon opens the video by making it clear these comments aren't really just coming from a bunch of actors, they're coming from scientists and medical professionals. Of course, Colombia Public Health certainly realizes that when the words are said by actors, they can actually have a much further reach than if they were just said by the doctors. At the same time, knowing that the words have been vetted by professionals means others won't simply dismiss them.

If this doesn't work, perhaps the fact that Contagion's scientific adviser is currently suffering through coronavirus, will.

There's nothing here that we haven't heard before, wash your hands a lot and keep your distance from other people. Of course, sometimes you need to hear something several times before it truly becomes ingrained and so you just can't say this enough.

At this point, normal life is basically at a standstill. Those that can are working from home while those that can't or who are working jobs deemed not essential are just sitting around waiting, and leaving home as infrequently as possible. Movie theaters and theme parks are closed, sporting events are cancelled or postponed. It's an extra kick in the teeth that while we're all in lockdown so many of the things that would give us joy, that we could really use, are unavailable. Of course, if you want to watch a movie about a viral outbreak sweeping the world, I hear Contagion is available to rent.

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