Knives Out Star Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Hilarious Quarantine Movie Spoof

Jamie Lee Curtis in Knives Out

While Knives Out wasn't a billion dollar box office blockbuster, it was, for its comparative size, a massive hit. Fans and critics loved it. It made money and was nominated for Oscars. It's little surprise that the sequel went from theoretical concept to green lit project almost overnight.

We don't know when we'll actually see Knives Out 2 --which almost certainly won't be called that-- perhaps Rian Johnson is spending his self-quarantine period working on the screenplay for the follow up, unless he's spending the time writing a Star Wars trilogy. But, if he's in need of inspiration, Knives Out co-star Jamie Lee Curtis has a pretty good idea. Check her out in her own Knives Out sequel, Masks On.

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Knives Out is a movie about a family that is almost completely told from inside one building, so really, it's the perfect movie for a quarantine themed sequel. Of course, the real point of this parody movie poster is to remind people that we're all supposed to be wearing masks when we go outside, and that shouldn't be lost on people, but now this is a movie that I sort of want to see.

Honestly, there's a good chance we'll probably get it, or something like it. With everybody stuck at home with potentially little to do, it's not hard to believe that right now countless writers, of both the professional and aspiring variety, are at home working on a potential screenplay or novel. Really, what else are they going to do?

We're going to come out of this with a lot of coronavirus-inspired stories. The coronavirus horror movie is probably the most obvious, but we'll get the coronavirus character driven drama looking for Oscars just as surely. And there are some more creative options out there. How about the coronavirus rom-com, where two people who hate each other get stuck in the same apartment during a shelter in place order and by the end they've fallen on love?

These ideas are free. Feel free to use them if you were looking for a writing prompt.

Honestly, of all the movie options that we'll probably get coming out of all this, the coronavirus whodunit mystery, where somebody dies and the suspect pool is limited due to a quarantine, is one of the more interesting possibilities. It's probably not the way to go for a Knives Out sequel specifically, but really, we need more whodunit mystery movies in general, and with the success of films like Knives and the most recent Murder on the Orient Express adaptation, which is getting its own sequel, we'll probably get them.

But again, let's not lose sight of the point here. Wear masks people. Even a simple one is preferable to nothing if you have to go out and about. We need to be able to start going to theaters so we can actually see all the new movies we're going to get after self-isolation.

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