Chris Pratt Calls Out His Brother-In-Law On Easter Over Family Photo

Chris Pratt and Patrick Schwarzenegger in movies 2021

A lot of families typically celebrate Easter with family photos, and the Schwarzenegger/Pratt clan is no exception. In fact, Patrick Schwarzenegger posted an adorable Easter image of his girlfriend Abby Champion and a bunny cake this weekend. A lot of people enjoy looking at Easter photos and this one was a hit, but Chris Pratt took things a step further when he called out his brother-in-law for not giving proper photo credit.

First, an Easter photo is an Easter photo, which is to say, most are totally adorable. The one in question features the results of what sounds like it was hours of cake-related effort, so it's worth a look, even without the Chris Pratt funny commentary. Despite burning one cake, I'm pretty impressed by the end result.

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Sure, the cake’s pretty cool (I mean my mom makes more of a 3D bunny cake, but whatever), but what’s really funny is the response from Chris Pratt, who goes by Pratt Pratt online and hilariously called them out for not giving him a photo credit on the family-oriented holiday. On Instagram, he wrote:

That is an extraordinary picture. Who was your photographer? Clearly somebody with an amazing eye. Remarkable composition.

Patrick Schwarzenegger did respond to the post, noting ‘You did well sir,’ making it a nice, civil exchange. Meanwhile, Chris Pratt shared his own Easter-related content on his own social media. He mentioned an Easter egg hunt as well as attending virtual church.

The Schwarzenegger/Pratt clan have seemingly gotten close since Chris Pratt married Katherine Schwarzenegger. Pratt has some funny stories about her famous dad Arnold Schwarzenegger and seems to have pretty good rapport with Patrick, her brother, too. (Katherine and Patrick are both the children of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.)

Meanwhile, both Chris Pratt and Patrick Schwarzenegger are in the same business. Pratt has a slew of titles including Jurassic World 3now called Dominion -- coming up, while Schwarzenegger is famous for Midnight Sun, a movie also starring Bella Thorne. Next coming up, he has several movies, including Echo Boomers, Warning, and Moxie, which are already in post-production, so he should have a pretty busy next couple of years.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and his model partner Abby Champion, pictured above, have been together for a while. They've known each other since 2016 and even appeared in a Calvin Klein ad campaign together.

If we’re talking cute Easter egg posts, the award may actually go to former LOTR star Orlando Bloom, who posed with a bunch of baby chicks while his partner Katy Perry favored a bunny suit, because why not?

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Did you have any favorite Easter posts this holiday season? Or are you more of a fan of Easter eggs?

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