Why We Really Need To See The IT And IT Chapter 2 Supercut

Pennywise in IT Chapter Two

Chatter about directors taking on alternate cuts of their theatrically released films is constant in Hollywood, but one of the most intriguing cases to pop up recently has been the conversation regarding the possibility of an IT supercut. Andy Muschietti started promoting the idea prior to the release of IT: Chapter Two in fall 2019, and the idea resulted in the ears of Stephen King fans perking up worldwide.

By itself the idea of an epic six-hour adaptation of the beloved novel sounds awesome, as it’s been promised to include never-before-seen footage, but there is actually a bigger reason to be excited for the potential cut. If IT and IT: Chapter Two are edited together properly, and the proper material exists to make it all work, there is a possibility that the supercut could wind up solving a few of the issues in the theatrical releases, and become the best possible cinematic adaptation of Stephen King’s book.

IT Chapter Two Andy Muschietti with the adult losers club cast

Is An IT Supercut Actually Happening?

We first learned about the IT supercut in August 2019 – when Andy Muschietti spoke in an interview about a version of the Stephen King adaptation that would be “a special director’s cut of number one and a special director’s cut of number two” edited together. The quotes blazed around the internet as news outlets picked them up and fans started speculating, and the director only fanned the flames as he continued to talk to reporters in the run up to the release of IT: Chapter 2 that September.

It was only a few days after the initial report that Andy Muschietti specifically called the potential IT project a “supercut,” and added that the new version of the adaptation would not only reincorporate scenes that were left on the editing room floor, but also hopefully include new footage created directly for the edit.

The filmmaker later expanded on those comments by saying that the IT supercut would include “all the material” that had to be excised from the theatrical versions of both IT and IT: Chapter Two, and explained that it was an idea that was an ongoing discussion with the decision-makers at Warner Bros.

Save for a vague description of a scene he’d like to feature in the supercut involving Pennywise’s origins, Andy Muschietti hasn’t spoken as much about the potential edit in the months since (probably because he hasn’t been doing as many interviews), and we don’t actually know the status of its greenlight. However, if the six hour cut of IT hasn’t gotten the go-ahead yet, there are multiple reasons why it should.

pennywise in IT Chapter Two

The Reasons The It Supercut Needs To Happen

Beyond the material that has been included as special features for the IT and IT: Chapter Two home video release, and what has been discussed in interviews, we don’t know precisely what Andy Muschietti is working with in order to make his vision of a supercut a reality, and we also don’t precisely know what that vision entails. That being said, just from an outsider’s perspective one can see how the new version of the adaptation could be a great thing:

the adult losers club in IT Chapter Two

There exists the potential to fix certain pacing problems

To be a bit blunt about it, IT is a spectacular film and one of the all-time great Stephen King adaptations, but IT: Chapter Two possesses a few notable flaws – the most significant being that it feels imbalanced. While he first movie is pure focus, telling the story of the Loser’s Club and their battle against Pennywise in 1989, the sequel doesn’t have the same concentration, needing to include flashback sequences that add necessary information for the story to function. It’s a fault that stood out on first watch, and persists in rewatch, but the supercut could fix things.

The adult storyline in IT: Chapter Two is ultimately diminished as a result of the extra material with the kids, but that ceases to be a problem if all of the footage is recut and redistributed in the film. It doesn’t really matter if Andy Muschietti plans to intertwine the timelines together like the novel does, or separate them entirely, as either method would repair the unevenness problem. Audiences would see the two generations of the Losers Club on a more balanced level, and it would presumably provide the opportunity to understand and see them distinctly.

the adult losers club in IT Chapter Two

The opportunity to see new footage is really exciting

While the fact that the supercut could make the IT experience even better is the major point we want to drive home here, it’s also impossible to deny the curiosity that emerges from the promise of new footage. As we know them, the two Andy Muschietti films exist as faithful adaptations of Stephen King’s novel, and a wonderful treatment of all the characters, but the idea that there exists the capacity for the cinematic epic to have even more of both is beyond enticing.

No longer needing to placate to box office potential or factor in how long audiences can feel comfortable in a movie theater chair, the IT supercut can go hog-wild with scenes that emphasize character over plot, and expand on the material we’ve seen – and that’s an intriguing offer for those who want to extend their time living in the fucked up little town that is Derry, Maine. And while Warner Bros. would have to shell out some cash for additional photography and presumably some VFX work, it could be worth the investment if the release is played right.

The Losers Club as kids IT Chapter Two

There soon will exist a perfect place to release it

Save for some extremely popular titles that got theatrical releases, the most common way studios have released director’s cuts in the modern era has been through home video – but the market is starting to change. While physical media is still a thing, streaming services are becoming more prominent and brand-centric, and so it’s only a matter of time before they start regularly serving as platforms for alternate edits of major movies. Warner Bros. is getting into the game in just a few months with the launch of HBO Max, and it could be the perfect place to launch the IT supercut.

Not only could the expanded version of the Stephen King story be utilized for marketing purposes, as IT fans on the fence about subscribing to HBO Max may pull the trigger out of curiosity, but a streaming service may be the perfect home for the idea. There will obviously be a number of people who choose to experience the whole supercut in one six-hour sitting, but plenty of others will opt to watch it in installments – and for that viewing approach streaming is perfect.

We’ll just have to wait and see what winds up happening with Andy Muschietti’s IT supercut – but for now, how are you feeling about its potential existence? Do you want to see it get made, or do you think that IT and IT: Chapter Two work perfectly fine as a duology? Answer our poll below, hit the comments section with your additional thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the matter, and stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for all of the latest updates about this exciting potential project.

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