Wait, Extraction’s Director Strapped Himself To The Hood Of A Car For Netflix’s New Movie?

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction

Extraction director Sam Hargrave doesn’t shy away from intense action sequences and stunts. He’s an expert stuntman and coordinator, having worked on huge projects like Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame. However, sometimes, he does things so crazy it still makes you question his sanity, like strapping himself to a hood of a car during Extraction’s car chase sequence.

In a recent live stream on Netflix’s YouTube channel, Chris Hemsworth answered fan questions about Extraction, like if he’s anything like Tyler Rake (he’s not, for those wondering). But during the Q&A, he spoke about the impressive technical feat of the car chase sequence that was done in just one take. Here’s what he said:

Sam was on the hood of a chase car, following me, and as that car pulled up alongside us, he unclipped himself and handed the camera through the window into the car that we were driving, to another camera man and we took off. It was a series of hand-offs, which was one of the most technically challenging things I’ve ever been a part of.

Sam Hargrave is brave, that’s for sure. I personally wondered how they did the hand off of the camera in that car chase sequence. If you haven’t seen Extraction or the car chase sequence, it’s definitely worth a watch.

The car chase sequence wasn’t the only stuntman trick in Sam Hargrave’s toolbox, either. There are plenty of intense ,fast-paced scenesreminiscent of John Wick and The Raid.In one scene, Chris Hemsworth is fighting an enemy and falls down a flight of stairs, landing on what seems to be a hard floor. However, Sam Hargrave revealed in an interview that the floor was actually padded.

Though he’s been playing action roles for a while, most notably Thor in the MCU, Chris Hemsworth said playing Tyler Rake in Extraction was his most exhausting and challenging role to date. This makes total sense since he’s the main character in a movie that’s mostly comprised of non-stop action.

Both Extraction and the character Tyler Rake are earning a bit of a reputation. First of all, Extraction made an impressive opening at Netflix, reaching 90 million households in its first four weeks. It’s also received relatively warm reviews from critics. And Tyler Rake, for his part, has been ushered into an era of action hero characters, like John Wick, who have amassed an insane kill count in a single movie.

With its wild success, Netflix and fans are hungry for more. A deal has already been struck for co-producer Joe Russo to write a sequel. But even before any deal was in place, it seemed Sam Hargrave and the Russo Brothers already had a sequel in mind. So Extraction fans can rest assured knowing that more will be coming. If you haven't seen the film, you can stream it now on Netflix.

Jason Ingolfsland