Forget Endgame, Chris Hemsworth Says His New Netflix Movie Was The 'Most Exhausting' Shoot

Chris Hemsworth playing Tyler Rake in Extraction

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It’s no secret Avengers: Endgame was a huge undertaking for the Russo Brothers, the cast, and everyone involved. The epic scope of the Marvel movie is undeniable. However, it looks like another film may have topped the exhaustion level for Thor actor, Chris Hemsworth and that film would be none other than Netflix's big upcoming movie Extraction.

After commenting on his brother’s new physique, Chris Hemsworth spoke a little about his latest movie Extraction (not to be confused with the movie of the same name starring Kellan Lutz and Bruce Willis), saying it’s the been the most exhausting shoot he’s ever been apart of. Which now definitely piques my interest in the Netflix movie. Here’s what he had to say:

The whole thing was by far the most exhausting shoot I've ever been a part of. Sam and I have worked together on Avengers films and I knew it was going to be full of all the talent he was going to bring to the table with actions and stunts, but he took it up to a whole new level that I hadn't experienced before. You know, you have Sam strapped to the bonnet of a car, diving off buildings with you in amongst fight sequences. The camera work has an energy for us as performers that's pure adrenaline. And exhaustion.

Though Netflix’s Extraction is not directed by the Russo Brothers, they have their hand all over it. Joe Russo wrote the script and it’s being produced by he and his brother, Anthony Russo. Avengers: Endgame stunt coordinator, Sam Hargrave, will be making his directorial debut on Extraction, which is part of what Hemsworth is touching on with his comments to

With the same team behind Avengers: Endgame crafting this new action movie, it makes more sense that it might be more exhausting than Endgame. For one, this has more focus on one singular character, namely Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, but there’s likely a drive by the team to ratchet up what they’ve done before and push their talent to new areas and you can see the end results in the trailer for the movie.

But it’s not like Chris Hemsworth can’t handle the strain. Other than the time he wore a fat suit to play Fat Thor, he’s never been known to pack on the pounds and has been a fitness geek for a long time. Still, that says something about the next-level intensity the director and crew took things for the movie.

Extraction is about Tyler Rake, a black market mercenary hired to rescue a crime lord’s kidnapped son. All of this coming after the tragic death of his son, Rake must find and rescue the child in Dhaka, Bangladesh and grows close with the child as a result. It releases on April 24th on Netflix.

After killing bad guys and rescuing kids from imminent danger, Chris Hemsworth will also return as a worthy hero in Thor: Love and Thunder with plans to start shooting in August 2020. Until then, it looks like Extraction could be worth a nice Netflix night-in.

Jason Ingolfsland