Bill And Ted 3's Alex Winter Updates Fans On What's Going On With Face The Music

Bill and Ted Face the Music

Fans of the Bill and Ted franchise have been waiting almost three decades for a conclusion to the story of the underachievers who become the most important rock band in history. For a long time we thought the movie would never happen, but then Bill and Ted Face the Music was officially confirmed and production began in short order. While the movie is currently slated to hit theaters in August, nothing is for sure when it comes to theatrical releases today and now many fans are getting a bit concerned about the film's future.

One of those fan hit up Bill himself, Alex Winter, on Twitter to ask about rumors that Bill and Ted Face the Music could end up skipping a theatrical release the way other recent films have. Winter responded, and while he did not confirm or deny the theatrical release of the film, he seemed upbeat and promised news, and a first look at the film, would arrive soon. According to Winter...

Hey, thanks for asking. Everything is great in BT3 land. The cut is almost done and looks fantastic. Teasers and trailers are ready to go. Like every movie slated for this summer we had to stop and reorganize due to Covid. Teaser coming in a few weeks, news on release soon!

Bill and Ted Face the Music completed filming prior to the global shutdown and so all that's needed for the movie to be ready to go is the edit, which doesn't require a critical mass of people to complete, and so it appears that the movie will be ready to release on schedule, which, of course, doesn't mean that it will.

While, Bill and Ted Face the Music may be on track and theaters might be open for business by August, the film still may end up being delayed. All the movies that did see their release dates cancelled have had to find space on the calendar which has resulted in a shuffling of release dates for the next year and more.

Bill and Ted Face the Music is set to debut on August 21 and it will now compete directly with Antebellum, a horror movie that is one of those movies that had to find a new release date after being delayed. In addition, Face the Music is now sandwiched in between a pair of high profile comic book movies as Wonder Woman 1984 is now set to open the week before Bill and Ted and the long-delayed The New Mutants is set for the week after.

All that potential competition could be seen as enough to hurt Bill & Ted's box office chances, and so the film could end up getting a new date in an attempt to find a more friendly window. Alex Winter is at least preparing fans for that possibility. The fact that he is promising news and not simply confirming the date the movie already has would at least imply some sort of change is planned.

If fans have waited this long, they can probably wait a bit longer, though certainly they won't want to. A shift to a streaming release is always a possibility to prevent any significant delay. How would you like to see Bill and Ted Face the Music? Let us know in the poll below.

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