9 Hero Disney Characters That Were Actually The Worst

Mary Poppins Returns Disney

Disney characters are some of the most beloved fictional characters on Earth, so to even think negative things about them feels wrong. Those that can force themselves into that head space can learn a lot however, and that some of Disney's heroes really aren't all that heroic.

These characters might be well-meaning or maybe not even inherently bad, but they all have their major flaws that the movies skirt over pretty quickly. Here's some of the prime offenders in no particular order that were just the worst and made life difficult for other characters one way or another.

Mr. Incredible The Incredibles HBO

Mr. Incredible - The Incredibles

Mr. Incredible may be one of the most selfish Disney characters in existence. He put his marriage, and his entire family at risk trying to relive the glory days, and The Incredibles tries to mask that by being like "At least he's not really having an affair!" Real talk, if that's the best you can say about someone in life, you're setting a real low bar. Sure, Mr. Incredible isn't the absolute worst, but when your name is literally Mr. Incredible, maybe try a bit more is all I'm saying.

Maurice Beauty And The Beast

Maurice - Beauty And The Beast

Belle's father Maurice was allegedly a brilliant man, so then why the hell did he think it would be fine to break into a person's home? Not only that, the Disney Character made himself pretty damn comfortable to the point it's a little surprising all Beast did was imprison him! Maurice overall should've been much more prepared for his trip, and then maybe Belle wouldn't have had to bail him out. Maurice's folly ended up working out for Belle in the end, but let's not for a second give him credit for that. This situation could've easily gone south, and he got really lucky.

King Agnarr Frozen Disney

King Agnarr - Frozen

A lot of people like to fight over whether Anna or Elsa is the worse sister in Frozen, but the only correct answer in my opinion is that King Agnarr deserves all the blame. This Disney character made a call to protect his daughters, and unfortunately, laid the groundwork for a massive rift between the two sisters. Granted he did die, but not before allowing Anna's memory of Elsa's powers to be erased. That knowledge would've helped the sisters so much over the years in developing their relationship, and maybe they would've been on the same page much sooner when things first got rough for Elsa.

Rafiki The Lion King Disney

Rafiki - The Lion King

Rafiki is more or less a superhero in The Lion King. He's one of the wisest dudes in the pride lands, and his fighting abilities allowed him to drop numerous hyenas with not a lot of effort. He has such immense power and wisdom I almost feel like he could've led the coup against Scar if he wanted to. Hell, he could've gone searching for Simba over Nala, and maybe put a stop to the madness a lot sooner. Instead he hangs out in a tree and paints, and I'm just not ok with that.

Mary Poppins Returns Disney

Mary Poppins - Mary Poppins

It's not uncommon for a Disney character to admit magic exists, but this is not the case with Mary Poppins. That's mainly because she uses her unique powers to manipulate others into doing what she wants, and to reveal that she has powers would compromise how she uses it to her advantage. The fact that she constantly lies about it to children though is certainly problematic, and who knows what issues the Banks children had after being reared by a nanny who frequently told them such bold-faced lies!

The Blue Fairy Pinnochio

The Blue Fairy - Pinocchio

In Pinocchio, the whole story is set into motion when the carpenter Geppetto wishes that his marionette Pinocchio was a real boy. The Blue Fairy appears, and instead of granting a very simple wish, she decided to make a sentient puppet. Furthermore, this puppet and a cricket he just met has to prove he's worthy of being human even though this whole deal has nothing to do with either of them. Imagine how much heartache she would've saved had she simply just given Geppetto a human son to begin with.

Tinker Bell Peter Pan

Tinker Bell - Peter Pan

Peter Pan does little to hide the fact that Tinker Bell is a full-blown psychopath whose jealous rage almost results in the death of multiple children and her closest friend. No, that's not an oversimplification. Tinker Bell's hatred of Wendy leads her to try and get the Lost Boys to stone her, and then she conspires with Hook in an attempt to get Wendy blown up. The only reason she intervenes is because she learned Peter would get killed in the process, and while she did make the ship fly to get everyone home at the end, let's not forget she was getting her wish in being rid of Wendy. Yet she's celebrated and all this merchandise like she's a saint?

Bagheera The Jungle Book

Bagheera - The Jungle Book

It's kind of messed up how much trouble Mowgli gets into just because Bagheera is a bad guardian. Midway through his mission to escort Mowgli to the man village, Bagheera merely gives up because the jungle boy is being difficult. Sure, he still keeps a close eye, but one would think the panther would have some stronger paternal instincts given he was the one who found him in the first place. Ultimately Baloo comes through for Mowgli in the end more than Bagheera, which really says a lot about this Disney characters effort down the stretch. He could've and should've done more!

Woody Toy Story

Woody - Toy Story

He may have had an arc that was overall redeemable, but the Woody of the original Toy Story was a real piece of work. His fragile ego over being replaced as top toy drove the Disney character to murder, and we just tend to forget that because he ultimately made things right. Buzz is a much bigger space ranger than me, because if Woody did that to me, I'd have spent the next three movies planning some real revenge. Woody should've at the very least got an actual snake in his boot, but in the end he's embraced as a hero once more.

Any other Disney characters (who can be seen on Disney+ (opens in new tab)) that are the absolute worst? Share all thoughts in the comments below, especially if you think one of the above got an unfair shake. As always, be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest and greatest news happening in movies and television.

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