Motivated Local Man Dressing Up As Spider-Man To Help Kids During Quarantine

Spider-Man from Spider-Man 2

The world always needs more heroes. Always. So it’s inspiring, in times of true social unrest, to see someone – anyone – going above and beyond to make a difference in people’s lives. Count Wisconsin resident Mike Justman as a member of the cause. (The fact that his name is Justman is icing on the cake.)

Justman spends his free time dressing up like Spider-Man. He takes his costume to birthday parties and car parades. And he looks amazing – pun intended – doing it:

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Scan Mike Justman’s Twitter page, and it’s clear that he’s booking these visits and appearing in costume around his area to bring joy to as many kids, families and people, in general, as possible. He routinely reminds his social media followers to “Stay Super.” He even seems to have earned the nickname of Spidey in a Civic:

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According to Justman’s posts, he’s staying incredibly busy spreading this good cheer. On April 1, he shared that he and his wife planned to visit between 15 and 20 houses in a single day. He also shared the fact that his “Spider-Man” had a completely booked calendar, proving how necessary this act of kindness can be.

In a recent interview with Yahoo, Mike Justman explained that he came up with the idea as friends of his daughter, Mia, were celebrating birthdays with drive-by parades. The spark caught fire, and he has continued doing it to this day.

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Heroes have inspired all sorts of tributes these past few weeks. As unrest rocks our country, those who admire the leaders of our beloved comic books are finding ways to inspire others, just with recognizable visuals. Like when Batman walked through the streets of Philadelphia during a protest, and caught more than a few eyes.

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Good thing Bane wasn’t nearby. Back to Mike Justman, whose actions are heroic in their own right. We’re moved by his efforts and hope that his schedule stays jam packed with opportunities to spread goodwill and cheer by playing this groundbreaking superhero for months and years to come, Excelsior, sir.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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