How Suicide Squad’s Timeline Was Broken, According To Director David Ayer

Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad

Tracking all the small details in one cohesive story across a cinematic universe can be difficult for both moviegoers and filmmakers alike. For the creators, one slight change in a movie could mess up the entire timeline. Well, as it turns out, this exact thing happened with Suicide Squad, according to director David Ayer.

If you recall, in the DCEU timeline, Suicide Squad takes place after Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Joker kills Robin, aka Jason Todd and, in return, Batman bashes Joker’s teeth in before sending him to Arkham where he meets Harley Quinn. Well, in the opening scene in Suicide Squad, text appears in Harley Quinn's bio that reads, “accomplice to the murder of Robin.” Except, if Joker did this before he met Harley Quinn, how was she an accomplice? Now, via social media, David Ayer has confirmed that this tidbit broke his timeline. Check it out:

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For those unaware, David Ayer is referring to Geoff Johns, a longtime DC writer and once DC Entertainment President, who played a major role in the development of the DCEU, which included developing films like Aquaman, Shazam! and Suicide Squad. Though, according to David Ayer, it sounds like Geoff Johns' little addition in the Suicide Squad threw off his story in a big way.

With the many mixed reviews and box office results of the DCEU movies, and the emergence of the Snyder Cut, many passionate DC fans have been directing their frustration at Geoff Johns for missteps taken during his time overseeing the cinematic universe. Now, with new leadership in place and the Snyder Cut victory in the rearview mirror, many DC fans have moved on to the so-called “Ayer Cut.”

It’s no secret that David Ayer’s Suicide Squad underwent multiple changes. Reports at the time indicated that the production went back to do reshoots, and it’s fairly obvious in the theatrical cut where these reshoots took place. While Ayer has been outspoken about his own cut on social media, he doesn’t think his version will ever see the light of day.

And if DC fans are eager to get the Ayer Cut, like they wanted the Snyder Cut, they still might want to stop and think about where they put their energy. Tony Gonclaves, the CEO of AT&T’s Otter Media division (the group in charge of HBO Max), has said the company isn't going to invest dollars into every fandom that exists and that the Snyder Cut won't necessarily set a precedent for future movies.

Still, with that said, it seems like there's good reason to give the Ayer Cut the green light since the theatrical cut of Suicide Squad breaks the DCEU timeline. Plus, David Ayer has said he'd be willing to make the Ayer Cut happen if he's able. I’d, at the very least, be interested in seeing what his cut would look like. But until then, the theatrical feature is now available to stream on HBO Max.

Jason Ingolfsland