Why Paul Walker's Manager Is Now Suing Company Over The Fast And Furious, Other Movies

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Even seven years after his death, the legacy and spirit of Paul Walker have been felt throughout the progress made in the Fast and Furious saga without him. But in terms of the business end of Walker’s career, there has been a bit of recent turmoil that has sprung forth as a by-product of the late actor’s resume. His manager, Matt Luber, is suing company Vagrant Inc. over commissions he feels he’s owed by said company’s management.

The nuts and bolts of the disagreement between Matt Luber and Vagrant Inc., according to THR, comes directly from the latter company’s function as a “loan out company.” Acting as a broker to “loan out” talents like Paul Walker, or any other artist who employs such a company, an organization such as Vagrant Inc. can help when trying to manage everything from tax burdens to personal injury liability insurance.

In the case of Matt Luber’s lawsuit, he alleges that Vagrant Inc. had stopped payments for the first time in his 20 year tenure as the Fast and Furious star’s manager. The wages being sought after in Luber’s suit begin in mid-2018 and continue to the current day. With the agreement of 5% commission from all opportunities during his time as Paul Walker’s manager, Matt Luber is now legally challenging Vagrant for the money he feels he’s owed.

This legal dispute is something that could cause trouble down the road, as it's rumored that Paul Walker’s character might return to the Fast & Furious franchise at some point in the future. Should Paul Walker’s likeness be required for Fast 10, it sounds like the relationship between Luber and Vagrant Inc. would need to be in order, as any sort of breakdown may prevent a deal between Vagrant Inc and Universal from occurring.

Unfortunate instances of business dealings such as these happen often in the world of show business. It’ll be up to both parties involved in this fight over Paul Walker’s career to present their cases, point towards the evidence they feel proves their particular viewpoint, and wait for the court system to decide. That is, unless both parties can settle out of court and prevent further stages of legal proceedings from needing to occur.

No matter what happens, the Fast and Furious saga will continue to move along on its way towards the supposed finish line its tenth installment is supposed to represent. And it’s partially thanks to the sort of dedication that Paul Walker attacked all of his projects with. So while these proceedings may be working out the finer points of business, the Fast family and fans will always have their memories of Brian O’Conner to cherish.

The next installment of the Fast saga, Fast 9, is set to hit theaters on April 2, 2021.

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