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Frozen II's Josh Gad And Kristen Bell Just Debuted A Great Product For Fans And It’s For A Good Cause

Anna and Olaf in Frozen II

The original Frozen was an absolute smash and the franchise hasn't stopped taking over the world since then. The sequel became an even bigger box office hit than the original and with a brand new documentary series having recently debuted on Disney+ there's even more Frozen available for fans to enjoy. However, for the serious fan, there's a brand new piece of Frozen associated merch you're going to want. It looks great, it's funny, and it helps out a couple of great causes. You can now get your "Samantha?" hat.

Josh Gad and Kristen Bell have worked together to create the brand new hat which references one of the great Olaf lines from Frozen II. You can now buy the hat yourself, and in doing so you can support a pair of great causes, as all proceeds from the sale of the $30 hat will go to No Kid Hungry, which works to end childhood hunger, and Color of Change, which designs campaigns which look to end practices which hold back Black people. Check out the announcement in the tweet below.

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In Frozen II, after the group of heroes has entered the enchanted forest, Olaf sees some strange things which worry him. Looking for support he calls out to Anna, Elsa, and somebody named Samantha. Olaf then laughs, because he realizes he doesn't actually know anybody named Samantha. It all leads into Josh Gad's song in the film "When I am Older."

It's not exactly an obscure joke, but there's nothing on the hat that makes it obvious what it's referencing, so it's the sort of thing that serious Frozen fans are going to recognize and appreciate. Eventually, most people will forget what the hat is referencing, if they haven't already. Then you can really confuse people by wearing this hat around and making people wonder what it means. Unless of course your name is actually Samantha, though I'm not sure if wearing the hat in that case makes more sense or less.

And even if you don't desperately need a hat that just reads "Samantha?," by buying the hat, you can do some good in the world. We're finding ourselves in a place right now where we're dealing with both a pandemic, which has left many people out of work and potentially in financial difficulty. We're also seeing nationwide protests fighting for racial justice. Buying this hat will donate to a pair of causes that will help put money toward both causes.

So give some money to a good cause, get a cool new hat, and maybe wear it while kicking back to watch all the Frozen you can handle on Disney+. There are worse ways to spend your time.

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