Apparently Jared Leto Is In Early Talks For Tron 3 After All

Morbius Jared Leto at an event in a tuxedo

For some inexplicable reason, the world of Tron and actor Jared Leto have been frequent dance partners. Earlier today, there were rumors reporting that their courtship was potentially going to be revived in the name of a third film inside the world of The Grid, and it looks like those rumors are somewhat true. We say this because, as of a new report this afternoon, it looks like early talks between Leto and Disney have officially started.

Per a story from Variety, the early rumors of Tron 3 looking into casting the Morbius star are indeed true. However, what remains unclear is whether the previous suggestion that this new film would be a continuation of the storyline that 2010’s Tron Legacy left on the table is just as true, or if this is indeed a reboot of the entire franchise. In either scenario, this potential date with destiny has been building up for some time.

Not only have talks of a third Tron film with Jared Leto been circulating for roughly three years now, but as was previously revealed, Tron Legacy almost saw him included as a part of the the End of Line Club sequence from the film’s second act. As of this moment, no writer has been hired to write the script, meaning there’s a chance that the current draft of Tron Ascension could either still be in play, or waiting for a further polish.

Another interesting piece of information from this story is the fact that Tron Legacy producer Justin Springer would apparently be involved in the project, along with producer Emma Ludbrook, should things start to move forward. Ever hopeful that the series would move into a third installment, Springer has never given up on bringing the Flynn family dynasty back to the big screen. Should Jared Leto sign on for this trilogy-making entry, he might finally get his wish.

That news probably has deep cut Tron Legacy fans excited, as with Justin Springer’s involvement with that film, as well as Oblivion, many have people wondering if he’ll be able to coax director Joseph Kosinski back into the mix as well. This, of course, would be dependent on whether or not Kosinski signs on for the potential reboot of Twister over at Universal; which just adds another wrinkle to this particular tale.

It’s hopeful news in the same year that saw Tron talk revived, even as a supposed Disney+ series developed by 12 Years A Slave writer John Ridley was sent to the dustbin. Perhaps it’s because of those developments that this potential Jared Leto-led project was able to spring into somewhat active development. Naturally, it’s still early days for whatever Tron 3 might represent, but as soon as new developments are reported, you can be sure to read all about them here at CinemaBlend.

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