Why The Old Guard’s Charlize Theron Has Never Been In An MCU Movie

Charlize Theron in The Old Guard
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Charlize Theron might be the most badass actress working today. Between her work in Patty Jenkins’ Monster, her iconic role of Furiosa in Mad Max and her sharp portrayal of Megyn Kelly in Bombshell, the actress has proved how bold and brave she can be on screen. She’s finally made her way into the comic book genre with Netflix’s The Old Guard, but it's honestly surprising it's taken this long. Has Marvel ever come knocking? Here’s what Theron has to say:

I swear to God. I’ve never gotten anything. No, I’m not lying to you. But that’s okay. You know what? I am paving my own way. I’m creating my own opportunities. So it’s alright.

Really? Nothing? How is this possible?! This is Charlize Theron we're talking about, and the amount of Marvel characters she could play would be long. But during an appearance on Variety’s The Big Ticket podcast, the actress explained that it's been nothing but crickets between her and Marvel Studios.

Charlize Theron was considered to play Diana Prince’s mother, Queen Hippolyta, in 2017’s Wonder Woman, a role that ultimately went to Connie Nielsen. When The Old Guard actress was initially approached for the DCEU movie, she admitted she thought her friend Patty Jenkins was asking her to play Wonder Woman, and she was quite shocked to learn that was not the case. Even so, Theron said she passed on Hippolyta due to conflicting schedules with another project.

Then again, there’s something to be said about Charlize Theron not being part of Marvel and still finding her own place in the action genre in a big way. Within the past five years alone, the 44-year-old starred in Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blonde and The Fate of the Furious before leading Gina Prince-Bythewood’s film adaptation of Greg Rucka’s graphic novel.

Charlize Theron said she was especially drawn to her character, Andy, in The Old Guard due to the comic’s “very grounded” quality that isn’t always found within the genre. She has managed this again and again. When Charlize takes up an action role, they are complicated and human. The Old Guard is fated to be compared to Marvel’s upcoming film The Eternals too, since both films explore immortal heroes.

The Old Guard has become a success since it has remained as Netflix’s top title this week and been met with positive reviews from critics. Its director, Gina Prince-Bythewood, has already signed on for her next movie called The Woman King, which will star Viola Davis. Theron’s latest role in The Old Guard may kickstart a franchise as well following its reception and considering what the ending sets up.

The Old Guard is available to stream on Netflix. Stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for more movie news.

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