9 Reasons We Should Still Be Excited For Avatar 2

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Avatar 2 has been delayed again, and after this latest push, more than a few people have to be wondering what the point is anymore. After a decade, this franchise has a section in Disney World, a billion-dollar budget, multiple sequels in the works, but still only one movie to date. It's okay to be disappointed, but don't for a second think that means there's no point in being excited for Avatar 2.

Will Avatar 2 be the greatest movie of the decade? I can't promise that, but I can be reasonably sure James Cameron's upcoming movie will be worth the wait. There's plenty of evidence that at least points to it being suitably entertaining, so let's revisit some of those reasons as we count down the days to December 16, 2022.

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The Budget For The Remaining Movies Is At Least $1 Billion

It's no secret that the Avatar sequels have a massive budget, mostly because of how much money the original Avatar made. With that much scrilla on the line, you can be damn sure James Cameron and company want to make sure they're getting these movies right. No one wants a movie that's a $250 million piece of garbage, especially Disney. Movies that flop on that level don't get more movies, so each Avatar follow-up must be as scrutinized and meticulously worked on as much as possible.

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James Cameron Delivers More Than He Misses

How many times has James Cameron let us down in the past? Seven of the 10 movies he's directed are cinematic classics, and two of them are documentaries. I'll let you decide which one wasn't so great, but the point is that James Cameron has delivered quality cinema to mass audiences since the '80s. I don't care if it takes him needing to delay this film so he can develop the technology to transfer his brain into a T-800, I'll gladly sit and wait to see whatever the result of Terminator James Cameron's vision is.

Avatar 2 Concept Art

The Concept Art Looks Incredible

Okay, I know what you're thinking: a vast majority of concept art looks incredible. The funny thing about drawing something is that there's no pesky budget that limits just how big those sets can be and just how many people can be in one shot. Going back to the big bucks that were thrown on Avatar 2, there's a much greater chance this concept art will look just as breathtaking and amazing as the drawn visuals we've seen so far. Maybe that's a bit too optimistic for some, but based on what I've seen so far, I'm thinking it's likely.

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Movie Technology Has Only Improved Since Avatar

A decade is a long time in movie years, and while Avatar still looks visually impressive, it stands to reason that Avatar 2 will look just that more polished. A lot of that is thanks to the level of work that James Cameron has put into the sequel over the years, some of which included extensive underwater work in the Mariana Trench. There's a good chance this sequel could give audiences something they've never seen before, which would continue to live up to the franchise's legacy of being a visual spectacle.

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It's Another Opportunity To See Sam Worthington Back On Top

Sam Worthington had a real rise in stardom with the release of Avatar, and at the time, it seemed his profile would only rise with the sequels on the way. A decade later, it's more than fair to say Worthington's star power has waned, though I expect we could see another resurgence of him in major movies following the release of Avatar 2. I would love to see it, especially if this movie ends up breaking box office records just like its predecessor did.

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More Movies Means More Fodder For Future Disney Park Plans

I believe that the only people who aren't theme park people are the people who haven't been to a theme park in a while. It's hard not to be amazed at what Disney World has done in recreating Pandora, and more movies mean more stuff they can add on to further expand what they've created so far. If the Animal Kingdom has become a miniature Pandora in time for the release of Avatar 4 in 2076 (kidding... maybe), it will have all been worth it.

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Underwater Scenes

For those who didn't know, a lot of Avatar 2's action sequences are being filmed underwater. That's not something a lot of movies do, mainly because those movies don't take place underwater. For those that do, there are some obvious challenges to making those scenes happen that James Cameron has found ways to work through during filming. I have a feeling we're going to see some cool stuff in the underwater sequences, or at least hope so, as not seeing the difference between that and a blue screen will be very disappointing.

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The Team Has Been Working On The Movie A Good Deal Of This Time

James Cameron has been questioned about the delays of Avatar 2 for some time, and minus the latest one, most of them have been attributed to work on the movie that will ultimately improve its quality. Yes, this sequel has consistently missed deadlines, but it's not because those involved are at a standstill or sitting on their thumbs without ideas. They just keep having great ideas, and executing those great ideas takes time that will hopefully show when the movie is finally out.

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There's So Much More This Franchise Can Offer

We've already seen what kind of world can be built with just one Avatar movie, so imagine what this franchise will look like when it gets a sequel or two under its belt. The world needs another Marvel and Star Wars level franchise, and Avatar has already shown it has that potential. It's a moneymaker for sure, and I for one am excited to see how this universe will continue to expand as the years go on.

Got any other reasons to be excited for Avatar? Post them down in the comments sometime within the next two years; we have the time. As mentioned, Avatar 2's new release date is December 16, 2022. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the movie in the meantime, and more news happening in the world of movies and television.

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