Henry Winkler’s Hamilton Story Meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda Is A+

Henry Winkler and Lin-Manuel Miranda side by side

Sometimes when celebrities meet other celebrities, the stories that come out of those meetings are priceless. And the time that sitcom royalty/Barry star Henry Winkler met Hamilton’s creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of those tales that’s as sweet and funny as you’d think. During a recent interview, the subject of the phenomenal Disney+ debut of the Broadway smash took center stage, which lead to Winkler telling the following story about his fateful meeting:

I went backstage and I touched his forehead. And I said ‘Oh my god, all of this came out of here?’ And he said ‘Couplet by couplet.’ I pointed to my forehead and said ‘You see this? Couplet-less. No couplet.’

While Henry Winkler’s appearance on the Media Path Podcast was mostly centered around his pretty stacked resume of performances, there was a break in the action to talk about how Hamilton has not only earned its title as “An American Musical,” but also as a pop culture juggernaut. That’s a conversation that can happen pretty much anywhere, and has been happening among all of the other discussions reacting to the Disney+ debut of the musical during our current state of affairs.

However, what makes this particular story involving the fanning-out pertaining to Hamilton is the fact that it comes from Henry Winkler. The man has been a classic purveyor of cool and comedy throughout decades in shows like Happy Days and Children’s Hospital, plus films like Night Shift and Click. But much like the rest of us, the stunning technique, the beautiful story and absolutely hit-making soundtrack of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s blockbuster musical has left The Fonz quite satisfied.

As impressed as he was with the show, Henry Winkler’s appearance on Media Path also highlighted another amazing fact that Hamilton has inspired the world to ponder. Talking up the show, Winkler mentioned how more people will see Hamilton through streaming than at the theater. So not only is the content of the show a top tier investment, but now that it’s available to all with a Disney+ subscription, more people will be impressed beyond all recognition once they get to see it for themselves.

It’s a moment of game recognizing game, and knowing how much of a fan Miranda is of pop culture, you have to think that he was equally as excited to hear from Henry Winkler that Hamilton left such an impact on him post-viewing. For fans of both Lin-Manuel Miranda and Henry Winkler, it’s a moment that validates the careers of both men, as one created an impressive musical of American history, and the other couldn’t help but be blown away. You too can join in on the fun, as Hamilton is now available on Disney+ for streaming. Though there is a good chance you probably already know that.

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