Original Suicide Squad Director Throws Support Behind James Gunn Following DC Fandome Footage

Harley Quinn The Suicide Squad

Over the weekend as part of DC FanDome we got our first look at The Suicide Squad. While what we got was a bit more "behind-the-scenes" peek than it was a traditional trailer, there was quite a lot to get excited about, and one of the people that was clearly excited about it was original Suicide Squad director David Ayer.

When James Gunn tweeted out the clip on Twitter following its DC Fandome reveal, he got a heart emoji response from David Ayer. James Gunn then responded in turn, remarking that Ayer has been a continual source of support throughout the production of the sequel. Ayer, then responded once more, showing just how great he thinks the new movie looks.

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David Ayer specifically says he loves the "old school" approach that James Gunn took with The Suicide Squad. It's specifically mentioned in the clip that was released by DC, that the new film has the feel of a 1970s war movie, and a lot about the new film, including the logo, feels like it's trying to invoke something like The Dirty Dozen (which is technically a late '60s war movie). David Ayer approves, and it seems like so far a lot of fans do as well.

While the Suicide Squad movie was a financial success, which led to a quick green light for the sequel, that movie took quite some time to actually come together. While we have few confirmed details, it's clear that the original film had a rough time in the transition from concept to screen, leading, reportedly, to multiple different edits for the movie. David Ayer himself has been a bit more forthcoming in recent months that the movie we got on screen was not his original concept, leading to many calling for an Ayer Cut of Squad in much the same way Zack Snyder's Justice League is now set to become a reality.

Especially because David Ayer's experience was maybe not the best, it's all the nicer to see him being supportive of James Gunn. Ayer is simply a fan of the director who is hoping for a great movie just like the rest of us. If you missed DC Fandome, check out the sneak peek below.

By comparison, it has to be said that The Suicide Squad looks like everything we might expect to be getting from James Gunn. It looks over the top and, as David Ayer says, insane. The movie has a massive cast of characters, many of whom are not exactly from the A-tier of DC's comic universe. We can pretty much guarantee a bunch of these people are going to die in this film.

The Suicide Squad is currently set for an August 2021 release.

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