8 Superhero TV Shows We Can't Wait To Hear From At DC FanDome

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For fans of TV shows based on comic book superheroes and supervillains, San Diego Comic-Con is usually the brightest spot of the year, given how much attention is given to the medium. However, this year was obviously different, with the pandemic turning the television and film industries on their head. Warner Bros. and DC mostly chose to opt out of Comic-Con@Home in order to self-promote its extended entertainment slate via the newly established DC FanDome event, a 24-hour celebration of the companies' biggest past, present and future projects.

With news going public for all the creators, actors and artists that took part in putting DC FanDome's coverage together, we're now even more interested to see what kinds of announcements, videos and other awesomeness will come out of it. Below, I've rounded up the eight projects that I'm most excited to hear more about during the expo, which will go public on Saturday, August 22, at 1:00 p.m. ET.

The Flash

Now officially the main hub of Arrowverse action on The CW going into the new primetime season (which now won't start until 2021), The Flash was forced to bow out of Season 6 with more than a few unraveled plot threads that need to get tied up. Not the least of which is the fate of Iris and Mirror Iris, as well as what will become of Ralph Dibney after the actor's firing in June. We know Season 7 will close the book on Season 6 before starting up more of the mini-graphic novel arcs, but how will The Flash do it? We're hoping to learn more at DC FanDome from showrunner Eric Wallace, as well as stars such as Grant Gustin and Candice Patton.

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Doom Patrol

Like many other shows, Doom Patrol's latest season got cut down due to pandemic shutdowns, meaning Season 2 offered up fans arguably the most depressing ending to any comic book TV series that's ever existed. The show getting added to HBO Max for its second season has some fans hopeful that a Season 3 renewal is not only possible but likely, but it's hard to tell how well Doom Patrol has done with anyone other than critics. Showrunner Jeremy Carver will be providing DC FanDome coverage though (along with stars such as Jovian Wade, April Bowlby and Matt Bomer), so here's hoping that third-season announcement is as imminent as Cliff's next F-bomb.


I would already be excited to hear more about Batwoman's next season even if former lead Ruby Rose hadn't opted to leave the CW drama following Season 1's conclusion. But now that the already ordered Season 2 will be introducing Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder, I'm even more interested to see how the actress and showrunner Caroline Dries will be teasing the show's future through Batwoman's DC FanDome coverage. With Rachel Skarsten also on-hand, I'm hoping they'll be able to talk out how the future hero-villain dynamic will play out.

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Young Justice: Outsiders

After a pretty stellar return for its third Outsiders-focused season, Young Justice was officially renewed for a fourth season at Comic-Con in 2019, but news has been as dry as...well, the opposite of Aqualad, I guess. I'm definitely hoping that creators Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman have been able to move forward with production during Hollywood's shutdown as another animated projects have been able to. I'd go so far as to hope for a Season 4 trailer and release date, too, seeing as how both of them will be presenting something at DC FanDome.

Superman and Lois

As much as fans have waiting to see a new Superman show in Smallville's wake, it's obviously not ideal that Superman and Lois' production plans have suffered along with everything else. But even though filming hasn't yet happened, I'm certainly hoping that the show's producers and writers have been working out the details in the meantime, meaning fans might be getting a handful of casting and plot-based reveals for the show's presentation for DC FanDome. It wouldn't learn just how much Supergirl will crossover with Superman and Lois, either.

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The Batman's HBO Max Spinoff

One of the sweetest superhero-related announcements to drop in recent months was the news that filmmaker Matt Reeves has a deal in place to turn The Batman into a multimedia franchise, with a new streaming series being set up at HBO Max that sounds a lot like Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka's Gotham Central (which is one of my favorite comic books of all time). It's obviously pretty early going for that project, considering The Batman is still more than a year away from its October 2021 release, but I will take all the detail crumbs that Reeves and others will have to offer at DC FanDome.

stargirl and wildcat


One of the most delightful surprises of 2020 TV so far was DC Universe and The CW's Stargirl, which creator Geoff Johns lovingly adapted from his own comic book series. Season 1 is wrapping up soon, making DC FanDome the perfect place for Johns and star Brec Bassinger to drop some killer reveals for what fans can expect to see in Season 2 (and beyond), as well as what audiences might be able to expect from the show's official streaming exit to become a CW exclusive.

harley quinn season 2

Harley Quinn

In all fairness, Harley Quinn graced fans with two full seasons of hilariously explicit and surprisingly character-driven stories in an eight-month span, but I don't think Kaley Cuoco's chaotic villain would consider me greedy for strongly hoping that Season 3 renewal news will drop at DC FanDome. The animated series recently debuted on HBO Max, giving it a wider audience base that will hopefully embrace it just as hard as fans did during its initial run on DC Universe.

Take a look at the massive list of talent that is providing some form of content for DC FanDome, from Neil Gaiman to Tony Shalhoub to Amy Smart.

Remember, DC FanDome will go live on Saturday, August 22, at 1:00 p.m ET, for 24 straight hours of all the DC news you can gobble up. While waiting for that unprecedented event, be sure to keep current with everything heading to the small screen soon with our Fall 2020 TV premiere schedule.

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