9 Questions We Have About Yoda In Star Wars: The High Republic

Yoda Star Wars

Star Wars is going back to the past with The High Republic, which is far before any era of the franchise has seen on film. Despite that, there is one character we know will definitely be a part of this new story and, while Yoda's appearance in these stories is not surprising, it is certainly exciting.

There are just so many questions about Yoda's past, and I'm hoping some answers are coming as these stories kick off. Here are a few of the key questions I'm pondering not long after the announcement and some light speculation on where these questions could take his character.


Why Isn't Yoda Already Head Of The Jedi Council?

Yoda has been a Jedi for centuries so, even during the time of The High Republic, I have to think he's one of the senior members of the Order. And yet he's apparently not the head of the Jedi Council and is, instead, in the role of a teacher. Even if that's his passion at the moment, wouldn't the Jedi be better served by having someone with his level of experience at the helm? I guess not considering how things shake out during the short period Star Wars fans have seen him in control. Perhaps he should've stayed a teacher?


Is Yoda A Better Or Worse Jedi In The Past?

The assumption is that most Jedi only get better in time but, when you're someone who's lived as long as Yoda has, I have to imagine there's a slow decline. I'd be curious to learn if Yoda's command of the Force was weaker or stronger in the High Republic era. Keep in mind The Child from The Mandalorian was force choking and lifting beasts at age 50, so I don't think it's crazy to believe Yoda's powers peaked well before Episodes 1-3.

Yoda Star wars

What's the Story Behind The Cane?

One of the first things I noticed when seeing the concept art of "younger Yoda" is that he's still rocking a cane at 700. Hey, no judgment, I get that aging is a slow process amongst these species, so it's possible he needs a cane then just as much as he needed one in the prequel and original trilogies. That said, I am entertaining the theory that Yoda perhaps had a cane for reasons other than old age, like maybe something related to a battle injury? Hopefully, the answer is a bit more exciting than the rather simple explanation that he's still old.

Yoda Star Wars

Are Yoda's Views On The Force The Same As We've Seen?

Yoda was always treated as the sage in regards to the Force and the state of the galaxy, but was he always like that? I'm still hung up on the fact that Yoda is not the highest-ranking member of the Jedi Council in The High Republic, and I suspect there has to be some reason beyond not wanting the job. Perhaps his thoughts on the Force aren't in line with the era's authority, or he had his own period of growth in this era that's worth seeing here.

Baby Yoda The Mandalorian Disney+

Will We Learn More About Yoda's Past And Origin?

As Star Wars prepares to potentially delve into the origins of Yoda's species with The Child in The Mandalorian, The High Republic has an opportunity to explore parts of his story as well. I'd love to see Yoda interact with his people, especially now that I know there was another of his species born around 150 years after The High Republic takes place. Yoda will no doubt be busy teaching young Padawans, but that doesn't mean relevant people from his past won't track him down in between.


Will Yoda Be A Prominent Character In The High Republic?

The High Republic is a brand new era for Star Wars, and yet one of its most classic characters will be around and kicking. While it's good to have that level of familiarity, there is a part of me that wonders if Star Wars may not lean on fan interest in Yoda a little too heavily to propel this story ahead. I'm certainly up for stories that specifically revolve around Yoda, but I would also like to see some characters who come into their own that have little or nothing to do with him.

Yoda Star Wars

Is Yoda Going To Teach In The Same Way He Taught Luke?

Yoda's teaching methods in The Empire Strikes Back were pretty out there, and I'm not sure if it's because he's just an unconventional teacher or had just gone a little kooky hanging out on Dagobah. We do know that he'll be in charge of teaching some Padawans, and I'd like to see if he's still jumping up on people's backs and yelling or if this is going to be a more focused and perhaps no-nonsense Yoda. Honestly, it's hard to say because this is supposed to be towards the peak of the Jedi Order, so it's hard to say how difficult the Jedi training program is if there aren't threats as substantial as what they dealt with during the Clone Wars.

Yoda Star Wars

Does Yoda Agree With The Current State Of The Jedi Order?

One thing I can't help but notice from this High Republic concept art is that Yoda is dressed to the 9's in not one, but two photos. In the prequel and original trilogies, his clothes look far rattier which is weird in the prequel trilogy because he's about as high up as you can get in the Jedi Order. It makes me wonder if Yoda is on board with this era of opulence, and that may play into why he's not more involved with the Jedi Order than he is in the future.

Yoda Star Wars

Do Yoda's Experiences In The High Republic Influence Later Decisions?

What I'm most interested in seeing in the High Republic era is if the rules of the Jedi Order mirror the ones that we've come to know during the prequel and sequel trilogies. Rules such as Jedi not having families and ideally, being removed from their families as early as possible seem like rather harsh and extreme measures. I wouldn't be surprised if, in this era of opulence, there was initially some loosening of these restrictions, and then certain events eventually caused the Jedi, or Yoda, to make changes.

Do you have any questions regarding Yoda's appearance in the High Republic era? List them down in the comments and continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on Star Wars and the latest in television and movies.

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