First Look At A Younger Yoda From Star Wars: The High Republic

Yoda in Empire Strikes Back

For as long as we’ve known him, Yoda has been, well…old. In the original Star Wars trilogy, he’s 800 years old and since the prequels aren’t much earlier, he’s still pretty old in those, too. But, now that they’re turning back the clock some 200 to 300 years and focusing on The High Republic, we’re now getting a first look at what a younger Yoda will look like.

It was announced earlier this year that The High Republic period in Star Wars lore would become a major focus in a series of young adult novels, children’s books, and comic books from several different publishers. Now, has revealed its young Yoda. Take a look:

Young Yoda in Star Wars The High Republic

Obviously, “younger” is a relative term when you’re talking about Yoda. At this point, I have to imagine Yoda is somewhere around 700 years old, give or take a few decades. So, he’s no Baby Yoda by any means, but he still does look strong of back and mind in these photos.

From the Star Wars: The Phantom Menaceto Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, we’ve primarily watched as the Jedi waned in power, and the Sith and the Empire grew to reign across the galaxy. But in The High Republic era, the Jedi were at the height of their power. With the Jedi on top, it practically flips the story dynamics we’re used to.

At the same time, this presents an exciting and refreshing new opportunity to explore more of the Star Wars galaxy as we’ve never seen it before. While details of the overarching story are slim, right now it’s understood that the Jedi will face an oncoming threat called “The Great Disaster.”

As for what Yoda will be doing in these stories, besides speaking in riddles and using the Force like a pro, he’ll be primarily a teacher, traveling with younger Jedi across the galaxy and helping them with their abilities and providing a hands-on approach. Which, all things considered, sounds like everything you’d might expect from the Jedi Master.

Of course, whenever novels, comic books, and the like start diving into new Star Wars territory, movie fans want to know if there are plans to develop a series of movies on it. As of now, there are no confirmed plans to make this happen. But, it’s not exactly out of the question, either. After all, Star Wars eras like The Old Republic and The High Republic present a total restart that could be refreshing to fans.

For now, Star Wars fans will have to sink their teeth into the various publishing materials coming out on this topic. Star Wars: The High Republic is expected to launch in January 2021.

Jason Ingolfsland