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The Harry Potter universe has gotten a small expansion with the addition of the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, but with a growing fanbase eager to learn more about the Wizarding World, there's always room for another spinoff movie or franchise that further expands the universe. One of those options would be to adapt a movie from Quidditch Through The Ages and take an unconventional approach to expand this world.

Telling a Harry Potter story rooted in Quidditch may sound like a wild idea, and truth be told, it kind of is. With that said, I think it's prime territory for this franchise to re-invent itself and present a lens for fans to view the world through a different light. Still not sold? Read on and see how a story about Quidditch could bring this franchise back in a big way.

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Quidditch Was A Big Part Of The Wizarding World The Harry Potter Movies Overlooked

You wouldn't know it from watching the Harry Potter movies, but Quidditch was a big part of Harry Potter's school career. Well, actually, he only played about 9 games during his whole run at Hogwarts, but he did have a lot of stuff going on all of those years. The point is, the movies highlighted Harry playing Quidditch even less than that, and really downplayed the significance of Quidditch in the Wizarding World.

I mean, do I need to point to any further evidence than when Harry Potter and friends went to the Quidditch World Cup? We didn't even get to see the match and only the aftermath of all the festivities. There was so much to that whole part of the book that got scrubbed, and if it wasn't for the Death Eater emergence, it's questionable whether or not it would've even made the cut. Such disrespect to the premier sport of the Wizarding World, and such a wasted opportunity to capitalize on the importance of it in the franchise.

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JK Rowling Has Written A Quidditch Book For Source Material

As mentioned earlier, author JK Rowling has written a book that would be the perfect framework for a Quidditch movie, Quidditch Through The Ages. This book contains a bunch of various factoids about the sport of Quidditch, including its history, and information on some of the greater moments and traditions of the game. Much like Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, it's written in a way that makes it appear it's a book straight out of the Wizarding World, meant for the eyes of Harry Potter and other witches and wizards.

Also like Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, Quidditch Through The Ages is a book where you could take one concept introduced, and build a whole movie around that makes for a good movie. The stories told by Kennilworthy Whisp are the real gem, and it would be fantastic to get a movie set around one of the big events in this book. We don't even need dark wizards involved, just give us the origins of the game and any mischief that came up along the way. Like, could Uncut Gems happen in the Wizarding World?

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We Never Saw Quidditch Played At A High Level

Even when we saw Quidditch in Harry Potter, it was high school Quidditch at best. As mentioned, we saw the introductions during the Quidditch World Cup, but never anything that was all that remarkable in terms of skill and great ability. It was impressive when Harry swallowed that entire golden snitch and regurgitated it for the win, but hardly a move I would consider skilled.

I want to see the Michael Jordan of Quidditch doing what he does best. I want to see Beaters curving bludgers around the field, smacking the ball back and forth while Chasers are tossing the quaffle. Typically sports films can be a challenge to effectively choreograph so that the entire event is entertaining to watch, but in a sport like Quidditch? I think you could move the game around to a few different perspectives and make that a really engaging movie to watch.

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Quidditch Is Another Opportunity To Cover The Wizarding World Outside Europe

Ok, I know Quidditch originated in Manchester, but with this being the main sport of the Wizarding World I think there's a real opportunity to use Quidditch as the common ground to take us to another place outside Europe like Asia, Australia, or Africa. Obviously, places like America are an option, but with Fantastic Beasts covering that ground, I'm more than ready to see more of the Wizarding World outside North America and Europe.

Quidditch is the gateway to questions Harry Potter fans have asked for decades. Like, do all spells sound the same in different countries, or are there different words for different spells? These weren't questions that needed to be touched on when Harry Potter was set primarily in Europe, but cool unknown stuff that a Quidditch movie could address between all the high flying action and scoring.

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It's A Subject That Could Be Spun Off Into A Series

Perhaps the biggest plus to bringing Quidditch to the big screen means that it's only a matter of time before WB would start thinking of the possibilities a franchise like this would have on streaming. Movies like The Batman are already getting spinoffs on HBO Max, and I guarantee if there was a solid idea for a streaming series for the Harry Potter world being floated after a successful movie, it's going to get the green light.

I think something like a mockumentary akin to The Last Dance about one of the great Quidditch teams of the '90s would be cool, or like Friday Night Lights but it's Quidditch? I guess that would be hard to pull off with the way magic schools are, with most of the teams seemingly competing from within the school. The ideas are for Hollywood and their talented screenwriters to come up with, I'm just here to say that I'm going to watch it if it gets made, and I will enjoy it.

Are you on board with the idea of a Quidditch movie? Sound off in the comments and continue to check in with CinemaBlend for more on Harry Potter, and for the latest happening in movies and television.

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