The Batman Trailer Has Been Recreated In LEGO, And It's Perfect

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It was really only a matter of time before we got a LEGO recreation of the first trailer for Matt Reeves' The Batman. The superhero and the toy brand have been closely linked for a couple of years now, thanks to both a variety of themed sets and the LEGO movies, so it was logical to think that some creative fan would use their collection of pieces to make their own version. Now that it's here, however, we're definitely not taking it for granted, as what has landed online is terrific:

Per the description provided by the uploader, work on this LEGO recreation began the day that The Batman trailer launched online (which you may remember was on August 23), and it took a little over two months to make. This is understandable when you consider the level of detail that goes into stop-motion filmmaking, and it's worth noting that YouTube user Joebor1777 credits 14 collaborators and the project. Each one of them – Locker 74 Productions, Brickfilm HQ, Loneclone Productions, thebrickranger, jmbrickstudios, AJF Studios, Radvisuals, Paradox Pictures, Leviathan Studios, Future Past Productions, gotvideofilms, eggyolk2002, Dudebrick, and AKPstudios – deserves congratulations and credit for their accomplishment.

To check out the video above compared with the original trailer for The Batman, all you have to do is click play on the video below:

There are a number of fantastic details to recognize in the recreation, but I will say I particularly love the expansion of the duct tape at the beginning, with subsequent frames using bigger pieces as more adhesive is unrolled, but the car crash and rain effects are also particularly really well done. The final touch with the LEGO Batarang is also a nice touch, if not especially because the official logo for the new movie does very much look like the weapon molded to fit in the hand of a minifig.

It's also worth noting that the LEGO recreation of the Batman trailer has gotten the stamp of approval from the film's co-screenwriter Mattson Tomlin, who shared the video on his personal Twitter page and commented:

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Hopefully all of you are still getting a kick out of watching the trailer for The Batman, and that it's making you evermore excited for the release, because it may be a minute before we get to see new footage. When the teaser was first launched during DC Fandome, the expectation was that the blockbuster would be arriving a little over a year later – but plans have changed since then. Wonder Woman 1984 moving from October to Christmas pushed Dune to The Batman's spot in October 2021, and so now the next solo adventure for the Caped Crusader won't be making its way to theaters until March 2022.

Production is still underway on The Batman, and we're learning cool new things about the film all the time, so be sure to stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for all of the latest news about its release.

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