Stephen King Gives Sarah Paulson's Run His Stamp Of Approval As Flick Dominates Hulu

Sarah Paulson in Hulu movie Run
(Image credit: (Lionsgate))
(Image credit: (Lionsgate))

Is there an official Stephen King horror awards show yet? Well, there should be. The legendary novelist has created an empire for himself based on his creepy, crawly works, but since he’s had a Twitter account, he’s also been a certified resource to offer his opinions on what’s going on in the bloodstained corner of Hollywood. King has offered his stamp of approval for works such as Mike Flanagan’s The Haunting of Hill House or Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone reboot and ripped apart titles too, such as the TV adaptation Under the Dome. His latest comments revolve around the Hulu hit, Run.

Run dropped on Hulu on Friday to overwhelming viewership. The streaming service even announced the thriller had the most-watched opening ever for one of its original films. The surprising record beats a title previously held by the rom-com of the summer, Palm Springs. So what does Stephen King think of Run? Here’s what he tweeted out:

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Quite immediately after Stephen King went to praise Run, the movie’s star Sarah Paulson responded in excitement, asking if she could “frame a tweet?” King’s words on the film are straightforward, but more than enough to send Paulson to Costco to get it blown up in her living room, or wherever she sets her many accolades including her Golden Globe, Emmy and Critics Choices awards. King’s highest praise is for the urgency of Run and describing the movie as “nerve-splintering terror.” Now, that’s a quote that’d look nice on a poster.

Run is co-written and directed by Aneesh Chaganty, a fairly new filmmaker who was just flung into the spotlight back in 2018 for Searching with John Cho. Of course the filmmaker saw the tweet too and had the only reaction you’d expect from a response like this. Take a look:

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Is there a bigger name in horror to be blessed by? Run was originally set to hit theaters over Mother’s Day weekend, but due to the circumstances was pulled from the 2020 theatrical calendar. Hulu nabbed the film for distribution back in August and it’s timing to release it just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday could not be better timed. Of course, Sarah Paulson is already a huge name in the genre, between her recurring roles in American Horror Story and her recent show Ratched, a spinoff of The One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

Run is about a single mother and her homeschooled and wheelchair-bound teen daughter Chloe (played by newcomer Keira Allen). At a tight hour and 30 minutes, Chloe unravels some secrets about her mother in the midst of waiting for a college acceptance letter in the mail. Run is available to stream on Hulu now, and check out what’s coming next month to the service on CinemaBlend.

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