Sarah Paulson's Hulu Movie Run Has Already Broken A Surprising Record

Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen as Diana and Chloe Sherman in Run
(Image credit: (Hulu))
(Image credit: (Hulu))

Streaming services are getting some major love lately. Between Netflix announcing Queen’s Gambit is now the most-watched limited series ever for the platform and Amazon Prime boasting major numbers for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, it’s apparently a good time to queue up new straight-to-streaming releases. Hulu now joins its competitors with a massive opening for the Sarah Paulson-led thriller Run.

Run was previously going to come to theaters on Mother’s Day weekend back in May to fit in, ironically, with the movie’s plot line about the twisted relationship between a mother (Paulson) and her homeschooled and wheelchair-bound teen daughter (Kiera Allen). Now that movie has come out just in time for quality time on edge with family. Sarah Paulson shared the incredible (and jump scare-like surprise) for the Hulu film.

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Run has beat Palm Springs' summer streaming record and is now the most-watched original film ever during its opening weekend for Hulu since it dropped on Friday, November 20. As per usual in the streaming world, we don’t have the numbers here. The news comes straight from Hulu after the service purchased the film from Lionsgate in August. The movie is writer/director Aneesh Chaganty’s second film following his 2018 breakout with Searching.

Sarah Paulson is a huge name in horror between her recurring roles on Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story anthology show and her recent starring role in Netflix’s The One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest spinoff show Ratched. Run has debuted with all-around positive reception too, with CinemaBlend’s own Eric Eisenberg giving the film four out of five stars in his review of the film, among other high praise. He called it “one of the best and most surprising thrillers of the year.”

Run is not exactly a movie that one would expect right off the bat to beat this kind of record, but neither was Palm Springs. It goes to show that Hulu subscribers are latching on to these big-name, smart projects that would have headed to theaters if it were not for the circumstances more than anything else. Of course, it helps that Run is coming out during Thanksgiving week, just like Palm Springs debuted in the middle of summer.

On Wednesday, Hulu also has another big release coming with Happiest Season, a holiday rom-com that was recently picked up for streaming instead of going to theaters. The movie starring Kristen Stewart, MacKenzie Davis, Alison Brie, Dan Levy and Aubrey Plaza could very well make for another big win for Hulu coming hot off Run, but we’ll have to see, of course.

Run is available to watch on Hulu now. You can learn what else is new to the streaming service with CinemaBlend’s list of November releases.

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