The LEGO Movie’s Chris Miller Has An A+ Reaction To The Upcoming Rubik’s Cube Film

The LEGO Movie

In Hollywood's ongoing attempt to squeeze box office cash out of literally every brand name with an ounce of public recognition, we've seen some interesting film projects. We've had movies based on Disney theme park rides. We've seen movies based on board games. We've even seen movies based on plastic blocks. Some of these movies have been pretty bad. Others have surprisingly, been pretty damn good. Basically everybody was blown away by just how good The LEGO Movie turned out to be, but it's possible that the film may have done more harm than good. Director Christopher Miller is hoping nobody will blame him for the fact that we're now going to get another movie based on a plastic toy, the Rubik's Cube.

Yes, there is a movie based on Rubik's Cube currently in development. To be sure, it's incredibly early in the process and anything can happen, but certainly a lot of people did a double take when they saw the news that such a film was being considered. Christopher Miller, one of the directors of The LEGO Movie, alongside Phil Lord, sort of came to the movie's defense, pointing out that, yes, one can theoretically make a good movie out of almost anything, but also hilariously asking fans to please not blame The LEGO Movie for this thing existing.

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Certainly, Christopher Miller and Phil Lord proved the first point. Nobody was really expecting The LEGO Movie to be as good as it was. The film may have been trading on the name of plastic interlocking bricks, but the film itself was a great deal more than that. And so, certainly a movie based on Rubik's Cube could be good. It will depend on many different factors, primarily a solid script that finds a way to incorporate the popular puzzle toy in a creative way. However, just because a Rubik's Cube movie that is good, actually, might be a theoretical possibility, it doesn't mean it's easy, and it might actually be too hard. Perhaps one should not try.

And what would a Rubik's Cube movie even be? Do you make a movie about people competing to be able to the fastest one to solve it? Maybe make a horror movie where the Rubik's Cube works like a Hellraiser puzzle box? Personally, I'm holding out for a live-action/CGI hybrid film like Sonic the Hedgehog that remakes the cartoon from the '80s.

On Christopher Miller's last point. He's honestly probably right. Somebody would have gotten around to trying to make a Rubik's Cube movie whether or not The LEGO Movie had been good, and probably whether or not it had ever happened. In the end, Hollywood is going to make a movie out of everything.

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