Warner Bros. Responds To The Matrix 4 Title Rumors

It's still a little hard to believe that a fourth Matrix movie is even happening. The trilogy seemed to wrap things up quite well and while the possibility for movie movies in that universe certainly existed, it seemed unlikely we'd ever see a direct sequel that brought back the main characters from the first three films. And yet, that's exactly what we're getting. Nobody knows quite what to expect from The Matrix 4, other than the fact that the movie probably won't be called The Matrix 4. We don't know what the new movie will actually be called, though there is a rumored title making the rounds: The Matrix Resurrections. And now the studio has responded to these reports.

The rumored title comes from a social media post from a make-up artist on the film, Shunika Terry, who posted an image of a wrap gift she received along with the note that came with it apparently referred to the movie by that title. The post was quickly deleted. Under the circumstances, those being the fact that the movie will contain a minimum of two characters who died in the previous film, the title would make a lot of sense. However, Warner Bros. recently told ScreenRant that the movie is currently untitled.

The comment from Warner Bros. that The Matrix 4 is officially untitled would seem to indicate that the Matrix Resurrections title isn't going to be what the new movie is called. But it's a little more complicated than that. Assuming that the initial image leak that used the name was real, Resurrections was being used as the film's name during production. Although it's better than calling it Project Ice Cream the whole time, which was the official working title. A recent HBO Max trailer simply called the movie Matrix in a title card.

It's also possible that while the movie may be officially untitled, it could be that Matrix Resurrections is the name that people have been using, and could even be the top candidate for the title we'll eventually get. The title fits the movie as far as we know it, and it even matches the structure of the previous sequel titles: Reloaded and Revolutions. Of course, there's another possibility. Namely that the title was used internally specifically because it's not the film's title, and thus if it leaked, it wouldn't reveal details that WB kept under wraps.

At same time, it's not like this title really tells us anything we don't already know. And if you'd been told a year in advance what the previous Matrix sequels were called, it's not like those titles would have really revealed a great deal. Honestly, if there's a reason to believe that Matrix 4 isn't called Resurrections it might be that the name is a little too on the nose.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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