Robin Wright Is Ready For Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman Spinoff If It Happens

Patty JenkinsWonder Woman films have been monumental to the expansion of Warner Bros’ DC universe. The introduction and deeper dive into Diana Prince’s homeland of Themyscira is an especially exciting aspect of the films that Jenkins hopes to continue to explore with a spinoff focused on the Amazons. Could Robin Wright reprise her role as the late Antiope following an appearance in Wonder Woman 1984?

Robin Wright spoke to CinemaBlend while promoting her directorial debut, Land, a drama she also stars in about a woman who decides to live off the grid in Wyoming after facing tragedy. During the conversation, I asked the House of Cards actress if she has been part of any conversations with Patty Jenkins about returning for the Amazons. In her words:

Well I haven’t talked to her, but I did hear [about the Amazons spinoff] that she’s doing another one. I didn’t know. If Amazons are wanted, I am in. Let’s go.

That’d be the correct answer! How does one even say no to returning to the female-run island that the production filmed on the Italian coast? According to Robin Wright, she has not been involved in conversations with Patty Jenkins about it, and she seems to have heard about it in the same way we did. But if Wright does receive the call to reprise her role as Antiope, she’s ready to go.

The main thing that could stand in the way of Robin Wright’s return as Antiope is the fact that the character died in the first Wonder Woman movie when the world of men and war broke into the island’s invisible barrier. Even so, Antiope did get to return for the sequel in a key flashback sequence during the Amazon Olympics that ended up being pivotal to the film’s themes and messages.

Patty Jenkins has certainly resurrected a main Wonder Woman character before with Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor. What’s dead is dead isn’t necessarily in the rulebook for the DCEU. Robin Wright has opened up before about how much she loves playing Diana Prince’s aunt, citing her excitement about being part of an “iconic time” introducing badass female superheroes to Hollywood.

Patty Jenkins has been talking about her plans to make an Amazons movie since late 2019, initially detailing that she already has the entire story of the spinoff laid out. More recently, Jenkins said the movie will take place after Diana leaves Themyscira. She also teased some “twists and turns linked to what will happen between Wonder Woman 1984 and Wonder Woman 3.”

There are a ton of possibilities for the Amazons spinoff if it does happen, and either way, it does feel like Antiope really lives in the fabric of that world. Wonder Woman’s mom, Queen Hippolyta, could be key to the film, or it could introduce new Amazons like Donna Troy or Nubia. We’ll keep you posted on any and all Wonder Woman updates.

Robin Wright’s directorial debut, Land, comes to select theaters on February 12.

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