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Zombieland's Abigail Breslin Has A Message After Her Dad Was Ventilated While Fighting Covid-19

Several days ago, Abigail Breslin’s father was diagnosed with Covid and placed on a ventilator as part of his treatment. The Zombieland star took to social media not long after to ask her fans for prayers and to kindly ask people to wear masks and follow Covid protocols. A day later, she followed up her Instagram post, though this time she was a lot more forceful, telling readers ventilators are more uncomfortable than masks.

In the short but aggressive post, Breslin referenced her hospitalized father and told people they need to shut their mouths and follow Covid protocols because no one should have to go through what her family is going through right now. You can check out her entire post below…

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The above post is part of a series of three so far that Abigail Breslin has dropped on Instagram that have touched on her father’s condition. The first was the announcement post asking for prayers. The second was the more aggressive STFU one above and the most recent one was a screenshot of her father’s favorite Rudyard Kipling poem. Breslin said her father always read it to her when she was scared. As such, it’s uniquely fitting for the moment and a good lens into the close relationship the actress and her father seemingly share.

The movie industry has been completely upended by Covid, both in personal and professional capacities. Like hundreds of millions of others around the world, those working in Hollywood have had to deal with family members getting sick and in many cases dying, and others have had to deal with fighting against coronavirus themselves. Movie theaters across the country were shuttered and in some cases, still remain closed. Hundreds of movies were pushed back or changed release dates, and countless more either had to stop filming or had their start dates pushed back, in some cases causing producers to scramble and recast. Those problems are nothing compared to the human toll, but there’s a real question as to whether the industry will ever look like it did prior to Covid.

Abigail Breslin first rose to prominence as a child actress when she was nominated for an Oscar for her terrific work in Little Miss Sunshine. Throughout her teenage years, she starred in a series of other hit movies including Zombieland and later its sequel. She can next be seen in Stillwater opposite Matt Damon and in the upcoming Slayers, which is currently filming.

Our thoughts go out to Breslin, her father and everyone else close to her who is currently dealing with this medical emergency. We all owe it to each other to try and end this deadly pandemic as quickly as possible by being responsible, following protocols and doing our part to look out for each other.

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