Tom Hanks Shares Update On Giving Plasma For COVID-19 Testing

Tom Hanks in Big (1988)

Tom Hanks’ experience with COVID-19 has been well documented by this point. Both the actor and wife Rita Wilson were originally diagnosed with the virus while in Australia and were immediately forced to self-quarantine. While couple remained upbeat and posted amusing updates to social media, their battle was rough. Rita Wilson experienced harsh symptoms, while Hanks felt “wiped” most of the time.

Eventually, the two recovered and were able to return to their home here in the US, but they’re not quite done with the coronavirus. Tom Hanks recently revealed that he and Wilson were planning to give blood plasma in an attempt to help medical professionals develop a vaccine. Well now, it would appear Hanks has taken one of his first real steps in doing so.

Apparently, Tom Hanks (and presumably Rita Wilson) have filled out the necessary paperwork and are now able to donate plasma. This was evidenced by the fact that Hanks posted two photos on social media of his giving plasma:

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You have to admit that Tom Hanks does make the process look simple, and it’s nice to see that he’s already proving to be a man of his word. He must’ve breezed through that paperwork quickly if he’s already giving plasma.

Fighting off COVID-19 has clearly become an important cause for Hanks and Wilson. Having gone through the experience personally, they know just how difficult it can be to deal with it. And following the death of his That Thing You Do collaborator Adam Schlesinger, one can could argue that Hanks has an added layer of personal motivation to speak out and do his part.

As mentioned, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson haven’t shied away from talking about their battle with the coronavirus after recovering from it. Recently, Hanks appeared on a special “At Home” edition of Saturday Night Live and gave a humorous and sentimental opening monologue about the ordeal.

The couple were some of the first high-profile celebrities to contract COVID-19 and, as such, they’re openness sparked a chain reaction that eventually led others to speak publicly about being diagnosed.

Idris Elba was diagnosed shortly after Hanks and Wilson were, and he gave Hanks a lot of credit for speaking out and helping to keep others informed. With this, Elba credits Hanks for inspiring him to talk about his own situation.

Admittedly, it seems we still have a ways to go before this pandemic has reached its end, but the actions of people like Tom Hanks are encouraging and bode well for the future. It’s true that he is a celebrity with plenty of influence, but that shouldn’t dissuade others from trying to do what they can to pitch in as well.

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