Knives Out Star Jamie Lee Curtis Pens Tribute To Ana De Armas, See Her Response

Knives Out is a movie with an all-star cast where basically everybody in the story hates everybody else. But what's clear since the movie came out is that the actual production was quite the opposite. The cast seemingly loved working with each other and recently Jamie Lee Curtis took things a step further by writing publicly about just how extraordinary she thinks Ana de Armas really is.

Time Magazine recently released its 100 Next list, a list of 100 people that the magazine believes are the top emerging leaders that will shape the world's future. Ana de Armas was on the list, and Jamie Lee Curtis wrote for the magazine about her first experience meeting and working with the actress, and how she nearly instantly realized just what an amazing talent the young woman was. It's a great piece to read, and you can check it out below, along with a brief response that de Armas herself added on Instagram.

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To be sure, Jamie Lee Curtis and Time have discovered the same thing audiences have. Ana de Armas impressed the hell out people in Knives Out. While she had been seen in a few other supporting roles and had certainly been noticed, Rian Johnson's whodunnit was a breakout performance for her. Audiences were just as enamored with Ana de Armas as anybody else in the starry cast. Daniel Craig was so impressed it led to de Armas joining the next James Bond movie. She was also nominated for a Golden Globe for her Knives Out performance.

Ana de Armas had a much longer response to being named to the exclusive Time Magazine list, which included additional thanks to her friend and co-star, Jamie Lee Curtis. Beyond simply seeing each other as friends, de Armas says she looks up to Curtis, as many actors certainly do considering the long and successful career that she's had. When Jamie Lee Curtis says you're something special, it has to make one feel quite accomplished.

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There's little denying that Ana de Armas is an amazing actress, and we're all looking forward to seeing her again. Unfortunately, as with almost every other actor, her biggest recent performances are sitting on shelves waiting for a safe time to be released. We will see her in No Time to Die, even if another delay occurs. No matter what happens with the blockbuster it seems like a foregone conclusion that she will be great. And as Jamie Lee Curtis, mentions, she'll also be playing Marilyn Monroe in Blonde, which is aiming to release this year.

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