Henry Cavill Teases A Secret Project, And Sign Me Up

For the past year now (give and take a few COVID-19 delays), Henry Cavill has been hard at work reprising his role as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s hit show The Witcher. But the fantasy series must be seeing an end in sight for production of its second season, and that means soon enough Cavill’s schedule will open up for him and he can get working on another project. Perhaps another Man of Steel or Enola Holmes movie? He’s teasing something…

While doing some makeup chair reading on the set of The Witcher, Henry Cavill snapped a mirror selfie of himself in the blonde wig while holding up a stack of papers blurred out and hinting at a potential “secret project.” First, check out the post:

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As Cavill said on his Instagram, the papers in front of him are either a wink at something he’s working on or a “handful of paper with random words on it.” Considering we’re talking about Henry Cavill here, I’d imagine the former is more likely, and the folks over at Game Pressure may have cracked it. The website used a program called Focus Magic to remove the blur of the papers in front of them, and they found not-so-random words associated with the video game franchise Mass Effect. Wait… is Cavill involved in a Mass Effect movie or TV show?

The unblurred photo contains words like Cerberus, Reaper, Geth and Tali’Zorah, which are specifically connected to the science fiction franchise that has been rumored to be adapted by Hollywood for about a decade. Back in 2010, Legendary Pictures acquired the rights to Mass Effect, but it the project has never completely gotten off the ground since. Per Game Pressure’s research, they believe the excerpt Cavill was reading was straight from the text of Mass Effect 3’s Wiki page.

Henry Cavill is famously a huge gamer – so much so the actor almost missed his life-changing call from Zack Snyder that would dub him our Superman because he was super into his World of Warcraft game. During quarantine last year, he posted a viral video of him sensually putting together his own personal PC in a tank top. So either, Cavill prints out Wiki pages of popular games to pass the time in the makeup chair, or he has something cooking within the Mass Effect world.

The project could very well be a role in a video game too, instead of a movie or TV show. BioWare is currently working on revitalizing the Mass Effect franchise with a brand new game that is reportedly in “early production.” We’ll keep our eyes peeled. Until then, gear up to see Henry Cavill come back as Superman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max March 18, and The Witcher Season 2 on Netflix sometime later this year.

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